22 May 2003

I’m starting to think that

22 May 2003

I’m starting to think that blogs are just not for busy working peeps like myself. Ah well, I try my best.

The family went to Redang last week, during the long hols. Drove up to K. Terengganu on Thursday, and stayed overnight at the Stingray Beach Resort (not much of a resort actually, but the owner had a pet monkey!). Next morning we were off on a ferry to Redang Beach Resort.

Wasn’t very comfortable with the huge crowds on the island (although it was interesting to see all the fluorescent jackets of different colors bobbing up and down among the waves) but the view (both under and over water, *wink*) was gorgeous. Amazing variety of marine life here, I tell you. It’s similar to Tioman when I went there a long time ago. But then I’m not sure if the reefs there were better, since I was paying more attention to keeping my dinghy from sinking.

While we’re in the subject of dinghies, i.e. sailing, I’m starting duty as the manager of MSD Petaling’s Sailing Team for this year’s Sukan Selangor or SUKSES. The most important part about this is that I get one whole week unrecorded leave. Yippie! This year’s team isn’t as strong as before, but we’ll do our best. 🙂

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