01 Jun 2003

Damn, it’s hot.

01 Jun 2003

Back from the seaside. No more breeze to cool me down. Still sweaty all the same.

Saturday morning was a fast one. Worked from 8 to 11, had a small farewell jamuan after that. Don’t really recall what happened after.

Met up with Tiff and Az for yumcha at Sri Hartamas. First taste of Spicy Kitchen’s juices. Talked a lot a bout boox and traffic woes. Realised I haven’t read a book for quite some time. Wondering whether to start. Vince joined us a while later.

Got zoned out quite early that night. Went home. Tried reading some new manga, 20th Century Boys. Ended up reading 72 chapters of it up till 4am.

Time to go. Bowels feel awfully active today.

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  1. potatoe June 2nd, 2003 9:51PM

    tiff is back in KL ah?

  2. myuu June 5th, 2003 10:03PM

    muahahaha no. Tiff is a lovely lass who also happens to know Az and Vince. 😛


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