11 Jun 2003

Damn, I’m lazy.

11 Jun 2003

This site is dead. πŸ˜› So much for setting up this blog. It’s my weakness for wanting something and then forgetting it so soon. Call me spoilt if you want, but it’s not like I’m telling everyone to come here and see all the schtuff I put out.

Looks like I’ll need to change some of the settings to make the site seem less empty.

Went to MRC last weekend for a BF session with Azuan, Vincent, and Wan Yee. After that we stopped by the nearest cafe for a mamak session, where SongJun, Yuming, and b|ur stumbled upon us. And it looks like we’ll be having another CS/BF session next weekend. Ahh, time for some stress relief. We ancient folk may be rusty, but don’t underestimate our skillz. :>

To prepare for the coming match, I’ve been trying to install Desert Combat on my PC at home. First of all, all these cracks I’m trying are crashing my sistem. On top of that, my graphics card wasn’t performing up to par. Turned out that NVidia’s Detonator drivers couldn’t figure out my BH7’s AGP capabilities. After some installations of this and that off Abit’s website, the frame rates picked up tremendously! Hooray, now it’ll be easier for me to ice those Haitians in Vice City!

Now all I need is to fix the game itself. Grr.

Yesterday was pasar malam night, and I so wanted to return my ‘stuff’ in exchange for a ‘better piece of toot’, but all the orangs were not around anymore. I wonder if it’s the same at Low Yat and Sg Wang. Going there this Saturday with Wan Yee to get some memory and anything else that arouses my IT instinct. The memory was supposed to fix my performance problems, but I might as well get another 256MB to top up my system’s thirst for chips.

Hunger. Lunch with mom. Bye! (I bought my mom a ‘tranquility fountain’ for her birthday. πŸ˜› It’s one of those desktop fountains that runs on batteries; kinda cool I think, so I bought some wholesale from a street peddling team near Jln Timur. :D)

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