July 2003

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The true Onimusha!

Booyah! Just finished Onimusha! Well, just for the story. So.. you know.. I kinda.. bent the rules.

Been playing CS with Merv online much lately.. so haven’t had the time to blog. Guess I’ll update ye guys on what happened last weekend… oh wait.. already did that.

Well, basically went to Batu Laut on Sunday. Scraped the front fender while parking. Was in a really bad mood cuz I didn’t get to do anything I wanted. 🙁 Spent the whole day there in a tent just dozing.

Back to CS! 🙂

PS: Don’t bother looking at the time of this post. It was authored in two different locations at two different times.

I ..

am so bored.
am alone at home.
wanna go out.
don’t wanna go out alone.

am so cheesed off.
can’t play PS2.
have to wait for a certain someone to finish his school work.
feel like smacking him in the face.

have some Rikku pics.
am not sure how exactly to put them here.
am sure I’ll find some idea.
don’t think it’ll be soon.
don’t have the right tools for web design right now.

will wait for now.
will then drown myself in PS2 madness.
will wake up drowsy.
will go back to being a driver/babysitter.

sigh again.
sigh again in reflection of this life I own.

To be free~!

I’m at work but without anything to do. Tsk, that’s what I get for being too efficient. Well, while waiting for all my e-mails to come back, I guess I can poke around with other things, like my glossary and the Rikkusation of this website. 😀 Trying to find the mood though; had a tiff with my mom last night and I’m not feeling awfully great. Sigh, she’s so hard to please.

I was also quite upset last night when FFX suddenly hung on me. Argh! And I didn’t save after that Sphere Grid movement and getting all those goodies and Cactuar Spheres! *cwy* can’t call customer support either..

Come to think of it, I’ve been spending less time on the PS2 and more on the PC. I guess it’s due to the fact that I’ve been going to MRC quite often and the idea of practicing is slowly getting realised. So now I have CS and Steam installed. With a list of Singaporean/Malaysian servers in hand, I can now conquer the CS world as I did in LA. muahahah.. yeah right.

Test Satu Dua Test Tiga

Just noticed that the post dates and times are off. So this is plainly a test post to see how I can offset them back correctly.

Btw, went to MRC last night (yes, again!). Merv seems to be in the gian mode. My CS seems to be improving (ooh AWP+deagle combo good~) at least.


Missed work today. T’was an emergency really! Body.. couldn’t.. move.. somehow. Rainy mornings have that effect on me.

Well, at least I got another TV fixed! Woo hoo. Back on FFX on cheat mode. 😛 Hey, it’s the story that counts, right?

Also read Full Metal Alchemist Ch. 4. Waha very good!

Not so fine…

F’ing Streamyx. Went haywire while I was composing my last post. Grr~ Gotta sleep, yet Beck is still downloading at 7%. Crapz man, I was hoping to sleep early tonight.

Well, back to SH3.

Feelin’ fine~

*meow* got back my TV and it works great! Thanks SHARP! Didn’t go straight into a PS2 marathon, but I somehow managed to finish Silent Hill 3 sometime during the weekend. Not wanting to get into the long hours of FFX, I’m now replaying SH3 just to get the cool gadgets. Look out Skywalker!

Had dinner with Merv and Az1 Friday night. Yeah, Az1’s back. Poor guy had a bad break, so we went to MRC right after for some shoot-em-up therapy. And they went again tonight. Cukupla tu..

Actually I would’ve gone with them, but I was in Batu Laut the whole day with my mom who was attending a meeting, so I was kinda bushed already. Sorry peeps. I’m just gonna spend the night reading the all-new volume of Beck from MangaScreener, and perhaps some more light-sabering with Heather.

Looking back at this post suggests I should create some sort of glossary section.

No to PS2, Yes to Zzz!

I think tonight will be the first night in weeks that I’ll be rested. Called in the TV service people to take a look at some intermittent flickering on the screen which was bothering me whenever I played FFX or SH3. Now the TV innards are somewhere in Shah Alam and will be there till next week. Conclusion: more PC time and/or more sleep time. Although I’m on the PC right now, I think I’ll be off in a few … minutes.

My cousin showed me her friend’s blog and I was just blown away by the design. T’was simple but somehow breathtaking. Makes me wanna do mine up soon. Gotta find some Rikku pix first. 🙂

Btw, I’m back at work. My eyes feeling the strain of having to do some real tasks. Sigh.. I hate writing minutes.. I really do.

Oh, I have a blog!

Kinda just remembered that. 🙂

*shifts weight uneasily*

Guess I’m guilty of neglecting this site. *Sigh* It’s just that I rarely turn on my PC now that I have lots of other stuff to keep me busy. 😛

Dad still hasn’t claimed his prize yet.. I think he’s planning to sell it (despite whatever he said in the papers). Anyone interested?

Well, my sis is done with her French classes at YMCA, which leaves my Wednesday nights free for movies! Hooray! Will be watching Finding Nemo (at long last!) tonight!!

Finished playing Silent Hill (twice, to get the best ending). Just started with Silent Hill 2. The fog looks creepier on DVD. FF X on hold. Dynasty Warriors on hold. Finished Potter 5. Acquired Eiji vols 11-17. Still in SAP training. Feeling very sleepy.

Oh, and I bought lots of furniture from IKEA. 🙂 A nice simple TV rack to replace the temporary kiddie table. Two chests for chucking all the old stuff and a cheap knife set. Yay for sales. Almost bought a sofa bed.