November 2004

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The learning curve

Had a pretty good meeting this morning. All my presentation materials were supposedly well done, so by the time I began to speak, the PMO cut in and did the presentation for me.

The developing zit on my left cheek didn’t really help my appearance too, so it was a good thing.

Problem is, I’m now left with more work to do! ‘Facilitate’ the reconciliation of a missing 5 million ringgit. It’s an euphemism of ‘Write a paper and let someone else sign’.

I hate writing papers.

Better news is that I’ve finished the Kaikan Phrase anime. The story ends at a certain arc, which shows the band as successful at one point, but there’s still a lot more climbing to do. I hear there are 10 volumes of the manga, which are clearly shoujo-ish, but which I’m still tempted to collect. It’s going to be a bitch, though, having been licensed recently.

Now I’m slowly downloading Inu Yasha, which won’t be done in a while seeing how it’s hard to find torrents of earlier episodes. And there are pockets of them which I can’t find either.

Meanwhile, I’ll just have to make do with Origa’s Era of Queens album, as well as other things I shouldn’t mention here. Heh….

Missed today’s squash session. Will try to squeeze in for Wednesday, before dinner and The Incredibles.

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Brain food

Know a feeling where you can’t put down a very good book? Even when it’s 4am in the morning and you have to be at the office by 8am?

That’s the case for me right now. I can’t stop clicking on the next episode of Kaikan Phrase!!! Fortunately, I only have 2 episodes left, since the torrent for the next batch isn’t done.


Love Stinks! Yea Yeah!


Kaikan Phrase episode 19: The love arc begins.

O M G. I thought the Kaikan Phrase manga was just a spin off the anime. Looks like it’s about to begin moving. :O I hope this doesn’t continue all the way.

Kaikan Phrase episode 20: Flashback. Typical. 🙁

Work Sucks

It’s back to the usual schedule for me, altho not as strenuous. Even with all the work to keep me busy 8 to 5, I try to stick to that schedule.

On Monday, I skived work. Main reason was: I couldn’t find my car keys. And I still can’t find them till today. Well, I was still tired from the busy week, so it was a good opportunity to delay the inevitable and to run some errands in town.

Too bad I don’t have enough leave to continue this trend.

So the day was spent having breakfast with Merv in Kelana Jaya, then heading off to town, picking up Henry in the process, to settle my Citibank bill. Then we moved towards Sungei Wang and Low Yat for the usual activities. A quick stop at Mandy’s shop to get MGS 3, NFSU 2, GITS SAC English version, + some others. Got myself a new controller too, but will not be breaking it in till the dying one is devastated by my brother’s thumbing.

Then a detour to the arcade for some Percussion Master. As always, Merv has the best eye coordination. I’m still a Taiko no Tatsujin freak, though. And we also had a quick round of Battle Gear 3.

And on to the main event: Low Yat. Picked up the additional space I needed for my download binge. 200GB should be enough for now. Also got myself some folders for all the CDs lying about.

Of course, the night ended with mahjong.

History repeats itself daily. Except for the skiving part.

Think I’ll take a break tonight.

Meanwhile, downloaded Kaikan Phrase up to episode 32. Whee! At least I’ve got something to do tonight.

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Leap of Faith

Ahh, slept rather well last night. No noisy neighbors and no sudden movements. Woke up slightly late to Mom’s morning call. She’d walked the entire neighborhood this morning and wanted to tell me about how nice AJ Hackett’s bungy platform is.

She and Khairil went ahead with breakfast while I packed all my things. Good thing about travelling with shopaholics is that they always bring additional room for purchases. 😀

Search for the Legendary Anime

Hello. Long time no blog.

The only thing I’ll mention right now is that I’ve finally identified what I’ll be watching next:

– Inu Yasha. Inspired to continue watching this series after seeing the Shinjitsu no Uta ending.

– Kaikan Phrase. Found torrents! Yay!

Btw, 20th Century Boys volume 17 is out.

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The Ride Home

It’s a problem when you arrive at the airport just before midnight, cuz all the drivers aren’t willing to take you until the midnight rates start, which can be double.

We managed to grab a premier airport limo just 7 minutes before midnight, to the driver’s dismay. We got to know this early into the drive, when a pal of his called.

Yet he didn’t seem to want to rush back to the airport. Probably was going to go home anyway.

To sum up the experience, I was fearing for my life for the second time that day. First of all, there was this awful shuddering sound coming from one of the wheels. Was as if the suspension was shot. Secondly, the driver can’t maintain constant speed, which wasn’t a safety concern, but it was downright annoying. He’d accelerate, then let go… then accelerate… and let go… again and again! Geez, people like these should just retire! And finally, like most Malaysians, very poor lane control. I was almost certain the guy was going to fall asleep at the wheel, and I was concentrating on his driving the entire time.

Luckily the rest of my family was asleep and didn’t have to go through that ordeal.

The airport people are really doing a bad job. It was bad enough when Tajuddin was the big boss, but it doesn’t get better from there. First the doors that won’t open, and then the poor condition of their ‘premier’ cars and drivers. I really fear for all travellers entering and leaving KLIA.

Home run

Home at last.

Got out of the plane quickly only to find ourselves trapped at the gate because the ground crew idiots forgot to unlock the doors.

So evil.

At Ngurah Rai Airport

Arrived for our flight too early for check-in. Hung outside eating two 5,000Rp McDonald’s Spicy Chicken burgers.

Check-in was a breeze. ‘cept for the part where Ayin left our ‘passenger courtesy service fee’ in a suitcase. THAT was then paid at a special counter just to collect Rp100,000 from each of us.

Mom was shocked at the astronomical prices at the souvenir shops around the boarding lounge. Wish she had bought all the stuff she wanted in town instead of trying to find the best deals.

Chatted up a pretty local girl selling soda and candy.

The boarding process itself was surprisingly fast, compared to the delay at KLIA.