11 Jan 2005

spare (n)

11 Jan 2005

1 a : a spare tire
b : a duplicate (as a key or a machine part) kept in reserve

A spare car key kept in a another car which is usually away from home: bad idea, demonstrated by how I was driving my nuts off hoping to pick up my old Accord from the workshop tonight instead of tomorrow morning.

In the end, the car is still parked near Dharoos.

What’s it doing there? Just listened to a gut feeling that something bad might happen soon if I don’t replace the squeaky parts with new steel and rubber. Actually, it was everyone’s gut feeling.

So by tomorrow, I’ll be 1K poorer.

Indeed, I was supposed to have taken the entire day off today, looks like it’ll only be half, since I came in to work 2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours at night. Despite only being 4 hours in total, it wasn’t very comfortable.

Anyway… gotta cave in early to send the kid bro to school. Sigh~

Aaaaanyway… caught a few clips from the FFX soundtrack playing on the TV. On RTM. On a Malay drama series.

It’s weird. It’s creepy. But if I worked for RTM, I prolly might’ve done the same. 😛


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