07 Feb 2005

breaking & not entering

07 Feb 2005

Tired tired tired tired tired~


Yesterday started with scuba scuba~

scubakabakabakabaka as someone online put it. T’was real fun, and expensive, but it took me out of the zone for the rest of the day.

Also locked myself out of my car. Missed breakfast with the gang. It was weird trying to break into an old beatup car in broad daylight wearing fluorescent colored clothes. Henry and Fish helped, but to no avail.

Then there was the b’day prezzie finding at Mid Valley, followed immediately by a haircut at Ikano and furniture-looking at Bandar Sri Damansara. Finished off the lap with grocery shopping at 1U and Rizal’s birthday party.

I so couldn’t get up this morning. o_O

Having done all that, today I’m just going to take a short trip down to Low Yat to get my sis a birthday pressie and look at some new gear to replace my hi-fi. There’s also the cake to think about too. Hmnn… guess it won’t do to just sit on my ass today.

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