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may 11th

Az^1 – Failed medical says:
it’s the day they attend my church funeral service. heh heh heh, pun intended

i seem to have turned into a quotes site. 😛

couldn’t sleep last night. don’t know why. stoned the whole day.

dear singaporean cuzzies n aunties and uncle are in town. wished they’d stay with us though. especially with the house being relatively cleaner. 😀 but they’re parked at a hotel smack in the middle of masjid india. i think that’ll work well for them, since they love the place. 😛

captured by request

t – crossroads says:
what’s so good about may 11th?
Merv says:
it’s a wednesday
Merv says:
Merv says:
at precisely midnight on may 10th, lightning will strike the clock tower and send 1.21 jigowatts of electricity down the conductor, into the flux capacitor

t says:
puter repairman again aa?
Merv says:
who me
t says:
t says:
yes you
Merv says:
couldn’t be
t says:
then who? ;P
Merv says:
niggayaz screwed the PS2 with his freaking luck

not for the general public. 😛

lazy start, busy end

woke up. had only 4 hours of sleep (jean reno’s fault). decided to stay out half a day. continued sleeping. woke up at 10. continued onimusha 3. 😛

in the meantime, stacked bits of stuff to do into my bag. gotta draft a letter to hsbc, cancelling my cards, draft a letter to maybank to try and get my annual fees waived (for good, hopefully), and to go low yat and ask those cycom buggers what the feck happened to my sister’s webcam! it’s been 2 months and there’s still no news on the rma. i’m going to demand for a replacement!

so back to onimusha. it’s amazing how the cg characters match the facial features of their real counterparts. can’t say the same about their voices though, cuz i haven’t really heard them speak elsewhere before. maybe jean reno’s french sounded good enough though.

realised relatives coming to visit soon. got my sister to sweep, then i mopped while she cleaned the tiles (the noisy ones) with ajax. 😛 hosed down the balcony and all that. it’s tough trying to roll 50m of cheap hose.

it was too late to continue the game, so we went swimming for a while.

it’s now late, and i still haven’t touched the ps2. arg! just got back from dinner anyhow, after a short trip to the irb branch in kelana jaya. it was packed. people have been there since 6, waiting for their numbers to be called. my mom’s income was not much, so she didn’t really care, but i decided to just check a few things with some colleagues instead of waiting in line. trivial things like rounding the cents may mean a big deal (to our dear government).

oh btw, don’t mess with b. a. baracus, mess with messenger.

get the messpatch, and get the toaster for winamp if you hate windows media player. if the popups annoy you, just go into its plugin settings and uncheck the ‘enable toasts’ option.

ooh, seems that my dad’s car just overheated. let’s see if he needs help!

space symphony maetel

i just caught a glimpse of the opening of space symphony maetel. simply breathtaking. but it shows a preview of more logical breaks within the matsumoto leiji universe. *sigh*

in order not to waste time, i think i’ll continue watching the movies, and then start with my viz manga. what should come next would be space symphony maetel and galaxy railways. i think.

i’ll indulge in the tv series as and when live-evil releases episodes. think it’ll take a long while though, as they’ve many other long-running titles to do, like yawara.

oh well, back to work.

in search of a timeline

wow.. been long since my last post. nothing much has happened i guess, ‘cept for work. trying to trace what i’ve done would be a pain, so i’m just going to churn out the next few memories in no particular order:-

% thursday was a public holiday for maulidur rasul, the prophet’s birthday. brings back to mind the ‘thou shalt not celebrate birthdays for it is sin’ debate. anyway, the night before was spent playing mahjong for hours at Merv’s place… to a point where my brain stopped working sometime at 1.30am. “glc-working hours conditioning”. nevertheless, we continued for a bit.

% on thursday itself, i was out the entire morning, waking up to find my sister gone to lumut for a weekend regatta. mom was also out with a friend, so i was left at home with the lil bro. i think the only conversations we had involved me telling him to study. or do his project. or study. watched “mel brook’s history of the world part i” which i borrowed from masrey.

% also watched the galaxy express 999 movie. based on archived conversations on animesuki, i should refrain from starting on the 2nd and 3rd movies until i’ve either read the original manga or watched the original tv series. so far live-evil has fansubbed the first 6 episodes, but the next 100+ are nowhere in sight.

somehow, i’ve researched the series so much to see how everything fits in, that i may already know the ending after the ending (yes, there’re so many endings and alternate realities/versions!).

guess i’ll also have to shelve the viz manga i bought. supposed to be a sequel too. :O evil viz! evil!

% cleaned up my downloads drive. got rid of the first 3 seasons of smallville cuz they were just taking too much space. started some downloads to fill up some of the gaps in some manga and anime. unfortunately, i still can’t find certain episodes of inu yasha. bah.

moin moin

here i am, all sunburnt and tan-lined, from a weekend of sailing at the mucky beaches of Port Klang. it was great, having as many as 14 yachts of different sizes having as many as 9 crew members each go at each other for cans of beer.

i had the courtesy of being part-time crew member for a skipper from Germany, altho he’s been living in this country for years now. part-time cuz they don’t seem intent on taking me back. not that i care; i hate it when they blabber on in their native tongue without giving a damn for their non-guten tag crew.

ignoring that fact and that he’s not so good, the overall experience was an astounding one. the people, the atmosphere, the excitement. the glare of the sun, the smell of the sea breeze in your face. when the heat is on, we usually forget each others names and get each others’ attention via finger pointing, calling “you”, or even foot nudges.

but it’s been many years since i’ve sailed competitively, and i feel kinda beaten up. while my mind’s totally fresh, i can barely walk up and down a flight of stairs.

well, that’s one weekend down. the club’s going to have its races bi-weekly it seems, so i can’t wait for the next session.

tho.. i still have to worry about the week ahead.

anyway, friday night was interesting. had a project milestone celebration program in the afternoon at the singgahsana hotel with dinner included, then a short stop at merv’s place to give him a pre-birthday surprise, then off to watch Robots at the IMAX theatre. point to note: don’t watch IMAX if it’s not 3d. if you have to, get a seat far far at the back. the sheer size of the screen can kill yer eyesight. :/


i’m at this gas station, right.

this guy was yelling at the counter guy asking him to refund the balance charged to his credit card (seems the balance couldn’t fit into his tank). a simple question really: ‘why is it so hard for you to refund some of my money when it is always so easy for you to take it?’.

it’s not just at the gas station. everywhere we go we use our cards charging to them. just swipe/insert and sign.

but why is it so hard to credit back any certain amount? protocol? rules? more passwords to key into the machine? perhaps more thought should be given to the customer, since there’s already some existing problem to deal with.


my download of final fantasy piano collections finally finished. AND, i can now watch smallville season 4 up to episode 10. yay!

remind me to take out the boxes of chocs from my glove compartment in my car.

hypnotuned: VIII – eyes on me, VIII – fisherman’s horizon, VIII – succession of witches, VIII – find your way, IX – eternal harvest, IX – vamo’ alla flamenco, IX – you’re not alone, IX – final battle, IX – melodies of life, X – to zanarkand, X – thunder plateau, X – via purifico, X – suteki da ne.


Woke up with terrible aches. Still managed to get up and go to Bangi, but my health deteriorated further.

By midday, I could barely walk straight. It’s been a long while since I got this sick.

Reminds me of a time when I almost passed out in my apartment toilet in LA. Had to knock my head against the wall to keep myself up.

I guess vitamins are in order.

Well, managed to get half day MC for today. Will have to return to Bangi tomorrow though. :/

red dots

This looks to be a very very lazy week.

Monday: Took a day trip to Temerloh up north for another roadshow session. Seems we missed a spot earlier. Left home at 6.30am, to get onto a van at the office at 7am. Got there, had a surprising burst of nervousness but quickly recovered by alienating the podium. Tried to look for ikan patin masak tempoyak, but the restaurant we went to didn’t have any. Seems that durians weren’t in season either.

Tuesday: Got into work rather late, since it’s supposed to be a travelling day anyway. Sat in my cubicle for the rest of the day. A lot of hoohah at the lobby, preparing for the PM’s visit on Thursday. Don’t see why they have to block roads just for this; that’s what sirens and squad cars are for.

Wednesday-Thursday: Will be spending my time in Bangi to attend a course on Interpersonal Skills: Giving Feedback. Yay.

Friday: Meeting in the morning, and work again. Friday-style.

Saturday and Sunday won’t be so laid back though. Taking part in a small regatta at RSYC.

I hope my pimples clear by then. Sudden outbreak for no apparent reason.

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