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osakana no jigoku

Listen to it (RM).

Sing it.

sakana sakana sakana~
sakana o taberu to~
atama atama atama~
atama ga yokunaru~

sakana sakana sakana~
sakana o taberu to~
karada karada karada~
karada ni iinosa~

sa-sa~ minnade sakana o tabeyo~
sakana wa bokura o~
matte iru~

Understand it. Somewhat.

fish, fish, fish
we’ll eat fish
and we’ll get smarter

fish, fish, fish
we’ll eat fish
and we’ll get stronger

so everyone let’s eat fish
the fish are waiting for me

Jusco sushi store music. Go figure.


before i realised it, i’ve just been charged the annual fee for 2 gold cards! :O

it’s amazing how time flies. grr.

and after that and the hotel charges i need to claim back, i seem to have spent more than i can afford! :O


fortunately, my sister is still in the black. 😛

anyway… stayed home today. still feeling lethargic from the roadtrip. gave me some time to catch up on smallville and clean up my room a bit and at the same time gather documents for last year’s tax declaration.

think i might need a shredder.


…know i had a few things to rant on.. but they elude me.

lessee.. woke up late today, since it’s supposed to be a traveling day. got to work. got my pic taken for mykad. had a meeting, supposedly about phase 1 support but somehow we never got to talking about my area. guess i’m that good. or worse.

had a few runins with some mofos on the road during lunchtime. nothing unusual.

presented some stuff to some users in the afternoon. was up at work till 7.30 helping a colleague with her financial postings.

dinner with the gang. tom yam.

short session. bloody car alarm goes haywire at home. shorter session.

full moon sway…

… gently in the night of one fine day …

i’m back. tired. sigh.. work’s going to feel odd tomorrow.

t’was an interesting experience, getting out of town to meet the users. it’s also good to know that none of them wanted to crucify us.

bought meself darren shan’s third trilogy and the first 3 volumes of viz’ galaxy express manga from mph for the trip. finished the purple book within the first two nights. don’t want to open my manga yet: thinking of wrapping them up nicely first, since they’re proper licensed manga.

i.e. bloody expensive.

think those’ll cover my tax redemption for 2005.

i wonder where my 2004 forms went..

anyway.. trip itself was uneventful. slept over at the grand continental the first night in melaka. no incidents. went out for dinner. got lost looking for a place that supposedly existed 20 years ago.

while we’re at it, let me tell you of a certain driver who’s really really bad. so much for my theory about women drivers. this guy was so bad i was cringing in my seat each time we went out at night. kowaii~

oh well, there’s always a bad apple in the bunch. can’t beat the cow incident from my last rompin trip either.

had a bad sense of direction too.

what a fool! i don’t know ’bout tomorrow! what it’s like to be.. ah~

the following night, we stayed at the classic hotel in muar. pretty expensive place, without breakfast automatically served. bah.

this time, we got lost looking for a few different places (supposedly for a nice place with a crowd). when we got to our primary target, somehow… the older peeps decided to take to an almost empty restaurant next to it.

middle-agers are so perplexing.

in the end, although we didn’t do anything strenuous (except personally, to fear for my life), it was somewhat tiring. still, i managed to fit in a few episodes of smallville before i shut down.

by the way, it’s a wonder how unmarried couples can easily get into hotels nowadays. well, only reason i noticed one pair was because the girl was malay. and hot. :O

i’m a fool! couldn’t let myself to go! even though i feel… the end~

of all the music from the beck anime, i think ‘moon on the water’ is the only one worth listening to.

hypnotuned: beat crusaders – moon on the water

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stupid stupid game dvd. it hung just before i got into the temple of pandora! 🙁 think i’ll go borrow merv’s copy for a try. in the meantime, it’s about time i finish up smallville. maybe play some gt4.

anyways, i can’t but help gripe about my brother. he’s due for pmr this year, but he doesn’t seem to care.

rarely studies. says he does, but no one sees him does it. it’s amazing how his schedule flexes like so. and he’s had a really bad track record with honesty.

i wish he’d realise the position he’s in. it’s not a walk in the park like it used to be back in ’96. i may have been almost as bad at the time, but i barely managed to scrape through.

nowadays, everyone’s getting A’s left, right and centre. if you can’t even get the minimum straight A’s, you’re finished. life’s not so peachy any more bro. keep at this, and you’ll be stuck in UTM or worse. no biotech or culinary arts for you.

nothin, chillin at the prima sixteen~

*ignores Merv*

lessee… nothing much happening, ‘cept the usual. haven’t seen the guys much either.

it’s the weekend! i’m supposed to be out and about, enjoying some wild company. but here i am. at the pc. and i don’t even have anything to do on it.

don’t feel like working on my garage or myuucon either.




starting monday i’ll be out of town, heading down south for some post-implementation support presentations. looks like the ps2 bag will finally come in handy.