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Progress on Mandarin

Think we’re actually doing better in class, with less laugh time and more learning time used. One fella one-upped the notch by bringing a chinese-english dictionary (bloody dusty, must have been lying around Kota Raya for a few days), which actually came in use as teacher required us to start writing Chinese. I’ll actually join the big J by realizing that I’m supposed to already start writing IN the boxes of my square lined exercise book. Chung ming, I be not…

monday blues


didn’t manage to finish RE Code Veronica tonight.


gotta attend a pointless meeting tomorrow just to manage users’ expectations.


feel so poor.


i sigh too much.

Of Kingdoms, Conversations & Decisions…

Hello everyone! My first post ever on a blog! Wheeeee!!!

Anyways it has been an a dull week. Kinda stoned for the most of it, but there were a few interesting highlights. Caught Kingdom of Heaven with some colleagues on Wednesday, like the show but even better was the following conversation in the cinema prior to the start of the show (Names have been changed to protect the identities):-

Author : Normally we would watch the shows on Wednesday. A friend, you know the one who runs the coffeeshop, he gets Monday off and usually gets the tickets in the morning. There you have met him before at the dinner, Jack.

Colleague : Jack, the cute cute one. Yeah I remember him.

Now this seems like a normal conversation, hell Mr.Jack should be beaming with that, HOWEVER… the colleague that made the comment is a GUY and as far as I a straight normal guy. Yes G-man, he is not your kindred spirit. Comments anyone?

On another note, got to make some decisions at work come Monday morning due blunders done at work last week…nevertheless shouldn’t be too hard, just have to convert the “Jenius” to “Genius” πŸ˜›

May the force be with you.

“p” word

ooo… long time no blog. and as always, when that happens, it’s time to report in reverse chrono order.

due to the sudden increase of interest in my tagboard (from 0 to 2 pax), i spent most of last night trying to code it into some free tagboard service. only at the end however did i realise that i couldn’t make it as nice as i would like, since there are some built-in javascript security thingies in place which wouldn’t let it work correctly if linked from a different site.

so it boils down to either scrapping the project or having it such that every person who signs up will have to place a special file on their website to do some javascript loading. somehow, even with its minor shortcoming, the latter seems a better option.

just before that, i just started reading ‘the golem’s eye’ which is part 2 of the bartimaeus trilogy by jonathan stroud. the first book was good stuff, but so far i haven’t seen the similar excitement in this one. yet.

yesterday, we decided to play squash, my sister and i. lasted only 10 seconds.

luckily this time, she paid for it. πŸ˜€

and to cap this entry off, a short poem:-

oh “p”…
how you elude me…
months of rumors…
depresses me…

but “p”…
you seem so close now…
with the hope of $$$…
right into my banky…


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Mind Your Language in KL

A new cast, a different language, but all the makings of disaster for a remake of the popular BBC series, “Mind Your Language”.

The cast:
Ms. Han Dan as the venerable Mandarin teacher (who insists Chinese is easier to communicate in than English…right)
The Fish … Lei Wan Yuen
The Datuk … Zhuo IT de ren
The Datuk’s sister … IT ren de mei mei
The Manko Gal … You chien ren
Mr. Pang … Refresher course (sort of)
The Mashi … Who mixes up girl and cow (darn pronunciations)
The Mashi’s sister … Girl, not cow
Mr. Z … Along for the ride, enrolled the day before class

All together now…. NI HAO!
(no, I did not forget to put the intonation strokes…too lazy)


hm.. i was expecting some entries by our guesties last night, but i guess i’ll start. πŸ˜›

yesterday: monday. wish it was work and play, but it was more like work and study. it’s back to school for the bunch of us, having our first mandarin lesson last night (well, for me and my sis at least).

the first class mainly took us through pronounciation, and it was bloody tough. having to vocalise every romanised consonant into something meaningful is like trying to unlearn the 3 languages i’ve studied so far.

hopefully, it’ll be a lot easier when we get into the sentence structures and proper use of vocab. kinda expecting it will.

anyway, i’m now so much poorer. but at least thanks to my little sis, we can still afford a few more squash balls. squash tonight anyone?

ps: ring 2 ain’t as good as its jap counterpart.

welcome to the gate of resentment

i am izuko, guardian of the gate.

thou hast 3 choices.
1st: enter paradise and wait to be reborn,
2nd: return as a ghost to haunt the earth for eternity,
or 3rd: pack thy makeshift cinema and return the equipment to thy office.

how shalt thou choose?

suffice to say, i’m forced to choose the 3rd. monday cometh.

at least not before watching the j-movie Sky High, from which that short snippet was from. same concept and background as the manga, but not directly related. so basically, you can watch the movie or read the manga in any possible way you choose (except by skipping chapters and whatnot), but still enjoy all of them.

anyways, see ya back at work. *sigh*

ps: grab the manga from omanga. get the movie off some torrent site.

Tribute to Christopher Reeve

Just got home from work, and Superman II was playing on Astro. Kind of brings back the good feeling of growing up wanting to be Superman (maybe with the exception of a certain MOX employee who wanted to be Supergirl). Kind of late for a tribute article since he’s already passed on, but thanks for making us believe in ourselves for the better.

Birthday Greets to Wired @ Eugene

Here’s wishing the OZ-PR wielding dude a happy birthday! The e-cards thingy just doesn’t go well compared to a shout out on Purrgatory, courtesy of the TNB blackout-not-available dude. Have a good one Gene!