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my, how chain letters have evolved nowadays.

i’ve been tagged. here are the rules:

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, thereÒ€ℒs no need to post again.

So…. here’s the golden 8 for what’s in my belief is a perfect female lover. Lover being defined as:

Pronunciation: ‘l&-v&r
Function: noun
4 a : PARAMOUR b : a person with whom one has sexual relations

1. sexy
2. adventurous
3. all four limbs in good order
4. understands the geek way
5. long hair
6. speaks english
7. free πŸ˜›
8. malay, oriental or caucasian origin
9. must be able to survive close proximity with me

and i tag back all the persons listed here minus myself plus nad-chan herself. πŸ˜› no rule saying i can’t tag you back, muahahah


my mom reveals that she doesn’t like to cook much anymore due to the tiring job of cleaning up. and us peeps in the house aren’t eating together and interacting much. time to pay more attention. haven’t found the will to WoW lately anyhow.

tweaked website to look better on widescreen monitors. πŸ™‚ might need to change the theme too.

turns out the person whom i bought my new motherboard from, whopper, didn’t flash the bios to the latest like he claimed he did. grrr.

holiday mode

office hours are finally over. i’d normally continue with work while waiting for my sis, but this time my mind just can’t take it.

so instead, let’s talk about some random topics. things that doesn’t need too much thought. or at least thoughts that require deadlines.

so.. let’s talk about me. lesseee… a lot of people claim i look chinese. based on my experience so far, i won’t deny it. however, that does not mean i can pass myself as a fully chinese person. it’s true that when i meet chinese strangers, they usually start talking to me in cantonese. but at the same time, when i meet malay strangers, they’d talk to me as if talking to any normal malay.

so, in conclusion, i looks both malay and chinese. at the same time! i look chinese to chinese, and malay to malay. i guess this happens cuz of the way we socially interact. relationships are usually linked by something, most of the time similarity. when you meet someone for the first time, you try to relate to him/her, checking what your similarities are. since eye contact is ALWAYS (usually) the first mode of interaction (unless you’re drunk), you try to see what physical features the person has that are similar to yours. hence a chinese person will look for chinese features, and etc etc. later of course, the relationship develops based on further interaction via action and talk, overriding any first impressions. so as soon as i start talking, or say “i don’t understand chinese”, the relationship takes another turn for better or worse.

after reading back my previous paragraph, i’d like to apologize to anyone who has visual disabilities. color blindness not included.

so as much as i want to act chameleon, i can’t, because i can be perceived in a variety of ways, even in ways i don’t want to be.

so to my friends, please keep me safe.

and to the next topic. do toilet seats belong up or down? i haven’t done any research on this, but the more tidy female characters in The Sims prefer them down. for guys, it would usually stay up, cuz otherwise stray jets might hit the ‘areas of concern’. we can’t let the ladies suffer like that, can we? on the other hand, leaving it down will allow users to see what’s on the ‘areas of concern’ so that measures can be taken to prepare those ‘areas’ for occupation. at the end of the day, most people after being relieved couldn’t care less of what they leave behind, so you’d have to look out for it anyway.

so i vote down. lift up before using, for the male urinating position, and put it back down after. irregardless, wash your hands. with soap. πŸ˜›

if only our public toilets were smart enough to clean our seats for us, and to also determine our gender and mode of execution to prepare the proper setting. it’ll probably happen sooner or later. we’ll see.

somewhere in the mess called my head, i thought up of an idea just in case i were to leave my current profession. i’d call it the IT Bakery. it’d be a bakery, like bread talk and their counterparts, except that the venue will be immensely packed with technology in action. and we’d sell these techs too, and maybe do tech consulting on the side. we’d also have stuff from and all the stuff that make geeks go crazy. details are sketchy but at least it’s something to start with.

usually when an idea starts, you drill down to the product to make sure it meets market demands and all that. but somehow my mind wandered off to the venue’s security system, which is designed to protect patrons more than the tech in the store. with so much expensive stuff lying around, you don’t want to skimp on security, man. so i was thinking of having a foot-wide grid of walls that can drop down from the ceiling in cases of emergency. an operator at the back, severely protected by panic-room like infrastructure, will be able to oversee the automatons of this system. the walls will drop to isolate patrons from intruders if they’re apart, with intervention necessary by the operator if they’re together. the walls would have holes in them, big enough to breathe and small enough to avoid bullets from passing through. each wall will have its own servo to allow flexible escape routes. the walls also, would have to be bullet proof to a certain extent. vertical-wise, the walls would be hollow, allowing smaller multiple versions of themselves in between for those tight situations where certain limbs would need to be pinned down. the lower edge of these walls can’t be sharp, maybe padded, and are pressure sensitive to avoid crushing people (altho overrides would be allowable).

this is assuming of course, that law provides that an owner of a premise is allowed use of lethal force to defend his/her property.

to avoid attacks from outside, the outer windows would also be thick and bulletproofed. and to avoid collateral damage during police raids and to also help friendly forces in, the set of windows would lift up and hide itself away like a garage door, and the grid walls can lift up at certain places, triggered by cooperation with police forces, to reveal the perps.

and it goes on like that.

usually i wouldn’t immediately post any of my funky brain childs publicly, but otherwise i’d forget all about it and wouldn’t be able to revel in my madness. and i don’t have the resources to implement these ideas anyway, so might as well let someone else try. of course, please tell me if you do. πŸ˜› i don’t talk about cost, since that would then make it within my circle of influence and therefore limited in some other ways. no point being sensible when ranting. πŸ˜›

woo.. that’s a lot of text. and i have another 20 minutes to spare.

hm… bleh. oh, and the bakery would need to be backed by publications like Stuff (*winks* at tiff & steph).

damn, i’ve been gritting my teeth a lot today without realising it. was it the coffee, or the workload? hm.

hm hm hm. here comes the hm section where i can’t really think of what to type.

*10 minutes later*

yay, sms from sis! bubbye! yay for my colleague too, who dropped by my lonely cubicle for a quick chat.

exasperating last day

feeling kinda out of it right now. so many things to do, yet unsure which to begin with.

must be the effects of that grande mocha i had a while ago. drinking coffee has never been one of my finer points, and it doesn’t seem to get any better with age.

ah yes, i admit, today i tuang. was planning to go back to the pad and rest since i’m still recovering from thursday’s viral onslaught. but then tiff was free, and nearby, and i had some shopping to do so i ended up at mid valley instead.

probably half of my company’s female population know i was there. πŸ˜›

well, az1 seemed to have had something come up, so it was just me, tiff, steph, and their colleague named marlina. the fun crowd, woo hoo! before we met up for lunch at oasis, i was lounging about toys r us, MPH, and ace hardware while waiting for the catcha-nists. no new books to read, altho there seems to be a sudden surge in volume of books by this certain female author (can’t remember her name) and i was tempted to pick up one of her books. but seeing how i ended up sleeping at 3am last night to finish The Saga of Darren Shan, i don’t think i want to get caught up in ‘a moment’ for a while. πŸ˜›

how i ended up at toys r us is a mystery. thought maybe i’d have much time to spend before meeting up with tiff and gang. went in looking, reminding myself to pick up gundam seed from kr0 (who hasn’t finished watching it yet!) and keeping an eye out for those cute BitChar-G remote control cars (which seem to have been phased out). otherwise, nothing interesting.

ace hardware was my main destination. below are the items i wanted to pick up, or have picked up, and where i’ll pick them up from, or where i have picked them up from. πŸ˜‰ :-

– black & decker rtx-1 rotary tool – purchased today from ace hardware!
– rotary tool flex-shaft – purchased today from ace hardware!
– protective face visor – purchased today from ace hardware!
– medium/heavy duty gloves – can’t find my size πŸ™
– face mask – left overs from haze scare.
– ear muffs – miniplugs from F1 paddock.
– acrylic sheets and other material – waiting for info from ndb. πŸ˜‰

that’s 500+ splurged today. πŸ˜€ will take pics as soon as i find my arghed camera charger!!!!

simple lunch at oasis. talked about WoW, office antics, and drinking antics. catcha employees are… in a league of their own. πŸ˜‰ very different from what my sister experiences at Watson Wyatt, and at the other end of the spectrum compared to my working life. hmmm….

ah, and steph reminded me how i helped her get her WoW nickname, lol! i miss irc days really, but going back now will never be as fun as before. oh well.

and it looks like i’m keeping the monitor. backlight problem seems to have went away, and humming noise isn’t too annoying and easily fixed with a short shut off of the monitor. well, at least i have 5 years to see if it’ll go crappy on me. after that, hopefully the new [SED] (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) monitors will be out, and this monitor might be dissected for education purposes. ;P

the doctor who won’t give mc’s

dr aslam qureshi. every time i see him he only gives me a time chit. compared to the other doctors in the clinic, he also gives less medication.

i told him it hurts to swallow.
i told him my body’s aching all over.
i told him last night i had a bad fever.

and all he sez is “it’ll get worse or better depending on your resistance”.


well, next time i see him on the roster, i’ll definitely ask for the other doctor on duty, irregardless of who he/she is. this guy seems to have joined the clinic because they had a shortage anyways.

if he’s the only one, then i’ll just try my company’s dispensary.


dell called me this morning. the person didn’t seem keen on talking about the refund, and instead talked abt the issues i’m having with the monitor. well, i told her the truth saying that the backlight issue seems to have diminished a bit and she was eager to close the ticket but i didn’t agree to it. i also mentioned the humming problem which surfaces if i have the monitor up and running then entire day, and they had a techie call abt it. the problem did surface a few times, but i didn’t bother monitoring it cuz i thought i’d be sending it back. hopefully i can get it recorded somehow.

need to get second opinions on the backlight and i’ve been looking for my camera charger all over but to no avail. can’t use my sister’s cam either. πŸ™ well, we’ll see how it goes.

now, where was i?

been a while hasn’t it? just haven’t found the time to plonk myself in front of my website and start writing. in fact, i have to leave for dinner with my dad in about 15 mins, so i’ll have to make this a quickie.

so… where did i left off… ah yes, the weekend before last. thursday night it was. ate old lemang i did. suffered for 7 days i have. couldn’t sleep through a bad tummy ache, which lasted throughout the week and throughout certain important events. fortunately, my mom provided her special natural remedy of a high fibre fruit diet, and it didn’t get any worse.

let’s just skip the weekend. πŸ˜›

i’ve been trying to spend as much time as i can with this 24″ monitor, as i’ve already scheduled for a refund. no matter how nice it is, dell tech support is not willing to go the extra mile for me in my quest for a perfect display (this current one has very bad backlight bleeding) and attributes all my complaints to be within ‘industrial standards’. evidence that our country is trailing behind in both manufacturing quality and customer service. i should’ve heeded those mental alarms when i first saw ‘Made in China’ on the box.

at the same time, with some of my funds released, i can now start on my case-modding project. having borrowed fish’s dad’s work table, i’m now in the midst of acquiring the tools and safety equipment necessary. i’ve even taken out my sistem out of the casing and it’s running on a plastic box next to the computer table. pictures later. πŸ˜› it’s running off a 2nd hand Abit IS7 motherboard which seems to be performing well so far, but evidently it’s the dust on my CPU heatsink that’s been degrading performance. need to get some cans of compressed air for that.

as for things going on at work, i stayed back friday night and sunday afternoon trying to fix some problems other people caused to no avail. well, at least i can try to claim for off-in-lieu again. better do it now before management decides to introduce more dubious policies.

i’m now first sergeant in BF2, and level 31 in WoW. πŸ™‚ it also looks like i won’t be returning my old hard drive after all, since there seems to have been some funny symptoms with my new one. tested my PSU using a digital multimeter i bought for my botched soldering project, and the numbers seem ok. hopefully it was just the motherboard. still waiting for my new cpu cooler before returning my bad RAM.

till next time.

RMA season

to crucial, a set of sticks that don’t carry forward the 1’s,

to dell, an old revision of a monitor that’s supposed to be better,

to maxtor/seagate, a drive that can’t find it’s things in time.

will be passing my ram back to dinster when i meet him to pick up a new cpu cooler.

will be calling dell tomorrow to tell them how disappointed i am about the bleeding backlight and the irritating humming.

will be looking for the cycom receipt. πŸ˜›

misplaced faith

found out before dinner that it’s my ram that has been causing so much problems with system stability. not surprising, but i was hoping that it wouldn’t turn out as expected. what was supposed to make my overclocked system stable turns out to be the culprit. harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi is the malay phrase that comes to mind.

let’s step back a few years to see why i have blindly placed my trust in Crucial, even with all the recent bad rep. Crucial used to be Micron, a company which churned out pretty decent SDRAM back in the Pentium III days. I always ordered Micron CAS2 RAM, even if they’re a tad expensive than usual, and have never had problems with them ever.

now, it’s just a name i want to forget.

before we start another “you shouldn’t have overclocked” discussion, bear in mind that the RAM i bought is manufactured specifically to keep up with my current overclocked CPU speed. my front side bus was upped from 200 to 250 MHz, and PC-4000 DDR SDRAM should be able to follow that without any stress at all!

luckily i still have my old ram to use when the time comes for me to RMA both sticks. i don’t want anything to do with Crucial any more, so there’s no point keeping one good stick and sending back another. nowadays, there are just so many alternatives, providing the same level of warranty (lifetime). and they’re much cheaper too.

now, hopefully my supplier is as helpful as he says he is.

lunch break

sigh.. all it takes is one phone call to ruin a noon nap.

merv and az were trying to get me out of office to play mahjong. but i shouldn’t give in to temptation each time. besides, it’s a little wasteful to take half day off now considering i have only another 2 1/4 hours to spend at the office.

my WoW exploits at the office have finally paid off. while something is causing the game to crap out on my desktop, it runs quite ok on the notebook. the graphics may be sub standard, but it seems workable. it’ll be useful for those late nights waiting for ayin to finish her work. she’s going to start her practical training soon, and i can only guess that she’ll be required to work long hours.

anyways, i got my sis to start on WoW. even her bf is contemplating on getting himself a copy, altho he’s still uncertain whether the monthly fee is worth it. even i am having doubts, as we’ve been having a LOT of problems with the server lately. constant lags, and quite a few crashes since the new 1.9 patch are causing much frustration among users of our Khaz’goroth realm.

my bro has also started playing, altho BF2 is still his primary thing. i guess it’s better that way, since i don’t want him to get addicted to more things. in fact, as soon as we see trouble with his school work, he’ll never touch the PC again.

besides WoW, i didn’t do much over the weekend ‘cept for cleaning up the house a bit, as well as helping Fish move to his brother’s house at Damansara Kim. his house will be renovated soon, so he’ll only be there temporarily with the rest of his family. being only a helper, i did not fully experience the stress in its entirety, but it seemed that i’d be able to cope with my own moving sooner or later. when my family first moved into our current home, i only cared about transporting my computer. πŸ˜› being young sure had its privileges. saying that, i don’t think i’ll be sparing any of my siblings the work. πŸ˜›

i liked his temp home, being new and somewhat modern even though it’s located in a cramped area in PJ. i thought the renovation was done rather well, and it’s really making me itch for my own landed home. there’s still some affordable double storey link houses in the vicinity that are still ‘quite’ affordable (if we pooled all our money together). at the same time, my sibs tell me that my dad wants to transfer over his share of the apartment to me. a very lucrative offer, but i’m afraid the high service charges alone will kill me (i.e. force me to quit WoW among other things). well, we’ll see if that upcoming promotion comes through and make a decision then.

sigh, any mention of promotion these days makes me feel disillusioned.