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a thank you to samantha

what i wanted to post:
“nice, i’ve been looking for the title of that song all day today, spurred by Fly Guy who noted when the vocalist’s name was being mentioned in the beginning of the song. I only caught “waheeda” though, so I pretty much embarassed myself asking the whole world for the latest Waheeda song.

anyway, hope you find the lyrics. :)”

where i wanted to post: here.

back from the line dead

yay, i’m back.

server’s back. phone line is back. downloading is back. everything is back. no thanks to telekom.

[finds phone line dead on monday. calls at night using my celcom line]
[dials 100]
“selamat datang ke TM. untuk bahasa malaysia, tekan 1. for english, press 2”
[presses 2]
“for products and services, press 1. to report a fault, press 2, ..”
[presses 2]
“to report a telephone line fault, press 1, ..
[presses 1]
* beep beep beep*

and the line goes dead.

called again, tried BM this time. got past 121, the system asks for my number then hands me over an operator. i tell her my name and say i have a problem.

she asks me my number again (makes me wonder why i had to dial it in earlier)
she asks me my name again.
then she promises to open a technician report. or something like that.

tuesdays comes. nothing from TM yet. called that evening again 3 times and all were disconnected.

wednesday comes. managed to get a local number from the condo security guards. the call management seems different, but similar. disconnected twice so i didn’t manage to speak to anyone yet again. got annoyed and went to TM’s website and posted a very threatening comment on their ‘Fault Management System’. it basically contained some references to taking a lift up to the upper management. called again in the evening and yay, they finally have my report on file. fix ETA is 3pm the following day. any trace of the monday call? none whatsoever.

so the moral of the story is: to be efficient is to remove all human factors. and don’t be nice by default.

on the lighter side of things, i got promoted finally. and i finished watching season one of The O.C. yay me.

V for Vendetta…

…IS DA BOMB! Seriously, it’s a great show. everyone, go watch it. 🙂

actually, i was thinking it’d be a flop, seeing as there hasn’t been that many good comic conversion films. guess i underestimated the bros.

anyway, watched it with my cousin ES since we didn’t have anything else to do. well, at least i didn’t. it’s great to actually spend time with the extended family; before this we’d only meet at family gatherings.

1u gsc seats were comfy, as usual.

and, they (1u) had a remote control (RC) tournament. watching those cars zip through the track sure makes you wanna get one of your own. 😀 reminds me of younger Tamiya mini 4wd days, which sadly weren’t very fruitful due to lack of funds.

got back, tried to get onto WoW. realm server was down. realm status page was down too. blizzard really needs to get its act together. tried my alt server, and no one i knew was there. so the next best thing was to hop in to where steph is playing on Tichondrius. the game is actually much more refreshing when you can interact with people you’re already friends with. (no offense Az, but i rarely see you online nowadays :P). also caught up with raptor and loafer, who’ve been playing for over a year.

i can really see myself spending more time on this server 🙂 it’s an american server too, so peak-time traffic jams are no longer an issue (well, no longer a big issue) for us foreign players. maybe i can try pull a few people from the other realms i’m playing on. 😛

oo and btw, i finished the fruits basket anime. such a sweet ending. luckily i bought the manga so that i can follow the rest of the storyline! 😀


i watched 11 eps of furuba last night. i love it. altho it progresses through the story very slowly, it constantly draws you in with lotsa funny bits. overall, the story is kind of sad as you start learning about each new character. kesian tohru. kesian hatori.

then i watched “Best of Banned from TV 3”. 😛

aaaaanyway, looks like i might not be able to catch that many eps tonight. gonna go help my cousin fix his office connection. 🙂

speaking of connections, i’ve been getting very poor service with my own streamyx lately. downloads are very slow, and almost always time out mid way. doesn’t help my WoW or BF2 either.

turn it up!

HD trailers are the bomb! i only wish my monitor shows proper true color. the colors just don’t seem proper. like when you have something fading out or in, you can actually see the color bands.

hopefully it’s just my graphics card, and not the monitor itself. if it’s just the graphics, then i’ll just have to upgrade to a dual core 😉 and something nice.

at the same time, i’ve managed to resolve some issues with the latest K-Lite Codec Pack. actually, it was just a matter of downgrading to version 1.34. the latest version had problem displaying video for some old Quicktime movies (Furuba!) and displaying subtitles for Matroska files. don’t know what the problem was with QT, but MKV and OGG files were being handled by a Haali splitter, which i guess didn’t agree with how the old files were structured.

so tonight, Furuba marathon! 😀

in the meantime, me go download more HD trailers to watch when i get home.


friday, at the office, till 11:30pm……




well, at least the food this weekend was good. 😀

also looking forward to watch X3, Stay Alive, and Silent Hill! gawd i love silent hill. grab the trailers at Apple.

building in progress

Some of you may’ve noticed that the site has been dysfunctional for a few days. that’s because i’ve recently attempted a supposedly easier more streamlined way to upgrade the server’s third-party applications using portupgrade. a few of your techie peeps would know that FreeBSD has a nice ports collection that allows you to easily install stuff that’s not native to the FreeBSD operating system.

There doesn’t seem to be much problem so far. the only obstacles i’ve encountered are for ports that I’ve previously had to manually tweak their ‘Makefile”s in order to install them in a specific way that i want. not a pleasant process having to repeat these tweaks each time i upgrade, so i’ve managed to find solutions that are portupgrade friendly.

Another set of problems i had were ports that didn’t save my previous install options. these are packages that used dialog screens to allow users to select any special components they want, so somehow this time i didn’t tick off as many components as i did before causing some configuration inconsistencies. luckily quick tweaks of the config files did the trick.

So enough about that. since my last post i’ve watched Rahtree, a thai horror comedy, and Hostel, a Tarantino movie hoping to match the goriness of the likes of Audition. doesn’t quite reach there, but at least the storyline’s better. Also level 44 in WoW, and i’ve created an alternate character on PvP realm Dragonmaw to play with whenever my original realm Khaz’goroth is mad full. My BF2 installation seems to work now, although i haven’t gotten a proper game in to test my chopper flying skills against tougher odds (they’re a lot easier to shoot down it seems).

Cuzzies not able to make it that weekend, unfortunately. 🙁

The staff of Black & Decker Asia Pacific (M) Sdn Bhd could use some English lessons. They could also use some training in customer call management. This one guy promised to call me back yesterday and hasn’t done so. It was hard enough trying to communicate to him that I want one ‘RT1000‘. refer to your own damned catalogue dammit! and don’t bring in a power tool if you don’t plan on having accessories available!

And my bro’s been sick since Sunday. Very high fever that’s not quite consistent. Early blood test doesn’t show anything. Well, he seems fine now. Somehow managed to garner enough energy to go to a cybercafe with his friends today.


is to describe how good Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa, is.


is to describe my cuzzies coming to visit. hopefully.


is me finally breaking out the rotary tool to start making holes in my puter.


is me exhausting my single fibreglass reinforced cutting disc, and breaking a heavy duty disc, leaving my work half done.


is me having to clean up my room and pack away my exposed computer. 😛