16 Dec 2006


16 Dec 2006

my body has finally seen some work today. mom woke me up from my afternoon slumber and forced me to take the lil bro down to the swimming pool. it was kinda refreshing, but we didn’t stay down there too long. the best part about swimming, for me, is breaking the water after a perfectly executed dive, and feeling the chill of the water rush up to meet and envelop me.

and it pretty much woke me up too.

after that, i did 6 laps of breaststroke, and 1 lap of front crawl. khairil just floated around. he seems to have lost his childhood fondness of water. didn’t want to stay too long, cuz my eyes were probably already red from the chlorine, and they were when i got back to the apartment. was feeling a little bit dizzy too, and my mom sez i might be anemic. it does make sense.. i’m supposed to have a high metabolic rate, but i’ve got low blood pressure at the same time. there used to be episodes where i’d feel woozy if i suddenly stood up from a sitting or lying down position, altho i haven’t done that in quite a while. i think.

time to eat more sotong and kerang! and chocolate! 😛

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  1. myztika December 18th, 2006 9:21PM

    i wish i had some valid reasons to eat more too. 😛 and a high metab rate? dude, u’re blessed! ^_^

    hopefully i’ll be able to realize my dream of learning how to swim by next year. sounds like a real fun way to keep fit. 🙂

  2. myuu December 19th, 2006 10:05AM

    haha well.. eating those things are supposed to bring up your blood pressure… but maybe in a wrong way. should consult an expert first. 😛

    and swimming is light exercise (according to someone, can’t remember who), but at least you work out all your joints at the same time.


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