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world without warcraft


cuzzies and relatives visited from Singapore, and we had fun with the limited time we had. loitered around in the morning having breakfast, reading, and chatting before they had to leave for a wedding. spent some time then doing SFK. at night we younglings spread our wings and flew to The Curve for good overordered food and shopping. got myself a book for my upcoming roadshow. the rosti at Marche is good as usual, but the beef pepperoni sausages were a bit too much. sauteed mushrooms also ftw.

Star Movies

traveling day. could only spend the morning with my relatives and cute cuddly niece. by 12.30 Sue picked me up to go to the office, and then to Haz’s housewarming in Puchong. she had hired our usual office caterers, Asyura; they make a mean briyani. there were also sweet butterfly-decorated cupcakes, and moist choc cake. and those prawn crisps junk food we used to eat when we were young. 🙂

after eating we headed on to Muar for the first day of the roadshow on Monday. the group was feeling too lazy to go out and look for Mee Bandung, so we just had Kak Ita’s leftover mee goreng that her mom had made. i was planning to read the books i brought but there were good shows on tube, e.g. the original Poseidon, and National Treasure. oh, and we stayed at the Classic Hotel. rooms were great since they were recently refurbished.

The Giver
Academy Awards

started reading The Giver, which i found resting on a bookshelf at home. i’d always wanted to buy this, but i guess i don’t have to now. 🙂 by this time, we were already in Melaka, staying at this old hotel called Emperor. it’s so old, the elevator buttons reminded me of the ones you might see in black and white movies. creepy place.

there wasn’t much on TV too, except for the Academy Awards. NTV7 did a great injustice to viewers by mutilating the show. what’s the point of watching if you can’t catch the presenters’ jokes and the performances lined up in between? argh. luckily we got a somewhat-stable tranmission of Singapore’s channel 5. but they only started at 10pm, and we were really sleepy by the time they got to best actress in a leading role.

at least i finished the book. hate these kind of endings.

Discovery Channel
Belgariad: Pawn of Prophecy

we’re in PD now, staying at our company condo. nice place, well maintained. has a nice pool, and it’s right next to the beach. but no, none of us got ourselves wet, except for Sue on Sunday morning. i might be imagining it, but the PD beaches seem a little cleaner than before.

wasn’t much on TV except a special on volcanoes on Discovery. HBO was showing crappy old movies. so it was back to reading. finished the 1st book of the Belgariad, which i bought on saturday. it didn’t have an ending, so i guess i’ll have to get the other 4 books. 😛


i’m hoping to WoW a lot today. 😛

Shadowfang Keep

well, i’m still stuck at Hillsbrad. the next item on the guide tells me i need to take out a level 37 yeti. definitely need some company for this. so instead i did a quick SFK run while the relatives are out. got myself a [item]3748[/item] and a [item]6392[/item], but at my level they may be replaced soon.

chump change compared to what all my guildies are getting. 😛 after this will see me taking a break from WoW for a few days. have to go outstation for a roadshow till wednesday. should’ve bought that notebook earlier. 😛

btw, i found out i can just feed my Auctioneer links from WoW right into ItemStats. beats having to do searches on Allakhazam or Thottbot.

back to haunt me

remember how lucky i thought i was last year?

well, turns out it wasn’t to be. received the summons for that particular offense last night via Poslaju. either the policeman i talked to didn’t update their list after letting me go or they decided to saman the whole lot anyways.

or perhaps i don’t really look that innocent anymore. 😛

sigh, now i have to figure out how to get this paid up by today. don’t even know if there are any more appeals allowed, or if there’s any easy way to do this.

anyways, happy birthday to Shaz and Em. and happy birthday to Dawn tomorrow. may this year offer more goodies than the last. 🙂

today’s traceroute


> traceroute
traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 2.428 ms 1.737 ms 1.850 ms
2 ( 15.559 ms 12.133 ms 13.793 ms
3 ( 26.100 ms 9.953 ms 12.849 ms
4 ( 15.644 ms ( 8.953 ms ( 8.201 ms
5 ( 11.142 ms 9.170 ms ( 8.830 ms
6 ( 8.971 ms ( 8.935 ms 8.936 ms
7 ( 234.767 ms * 234.700 ms
8 ( 236.309 ms 242.712 ms 233.744 ms
9 ( 249.406 ms 245.472 ms 241.452 ms
10 ( 239.642 ms 232.888 ms *
11 ( 236.085 ms 235.859 ms 237.083 ms
12 *^C

— ping statistics —
59 packets transmitted, 53 packets received, 10% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 259.478/275.212/440.641/32.227 ms

sylinfel wants…

Avatar Regalia

posted this as a test message on fazhira’s blog. but here it is, as my loot target. 😛

i haven’t wowed for days. think my rested xp bar is at full capacity. wish i could but… i just suck with lag. FPS’es included. 😛 hopefully my IP script will find me a 218 and i won’t have to spend extra money on either a netmyne server or a notebook and starbucks.


watched Slither tonight. a b-grade movie with lots of cg.

i miss zombies. much better than aliens.


finished reading book 3 and 4 of darren shan’s demonata series: slawter and bec. both pretty much unrelated to each other, but good reading nonetheless. can’t wait for book 5. :


i forgot to give an update on my adventures on andy’s cpanel-based server.

i had managed to get processes running on the server: an ssh tunnel for WoW and a socks server for anything else. only problem is, outgoing traffic from the box is locked down pretty tight, and i can only use standard ports like http and https. so using his server as a WoW proxy is a no go. 🙁

so before i start spending some extra cash, i decided to brute force DSL connections to get a Streamyx IP address that is supposedly lag free for WoW. as i mentioned in an earlier post, i created a perl script to do it for me, but the router didn’t like it and would hang after 20 reconnections or so. but since then i’ve managed to stabilise it somewhat, and we seem to have a proper script working.

therefore, my network will not be accessible while i leave the script on for extended periods. all scratch boards, this website, vpn connections will not work. neither will my torrents, but i don’t really care for that at the moment. down time will usually be from 12pm to 6pm (sleep till return from work).


i’ve dumped my 3-columned 3K2Redux theme for a standard K2 one. reason being K2 being more of an active development project compared to 3K2 which is just a static package.

that, and i was also trying to fix the visual editor on my wordpress installation by totally reinstalling in a new directory. which didn’t work. funny thing is when i helped with fazhira’s blog, the visual editor didn’t even appear. weird weird.

won’t be working on the aesthetics anytime yet. gotta figure out how to put back all the customisations i previously made to this theme without touching its core. it’s going to be a real pain, especially for the author pics.

anyways, my blog will be offline from the time i sleep (around 12am) till the time i get home from work (around 6pm). see next post for reason. 😛 within that period, you can view all posted entries at


back from JB and Singapore. spent the weekend over at the company resthouse there. spent the time with my dear cuzzies and relatives chilling, napping, eating. activities of the idyllic sort. 🙂 er, not the eating of course. think we made a pretty good mess of the place, and feel kinda guilty to the housekeeper. esp. after my mom realised they left something in the oven and the new tenants found it. :O

as for eating, there were many yummy places to eat along Jln Petrie. 2 were within walking distance, but of course we were lazy and didn’t. had the usual Mee Rebus Tulang at one place, and went to the other “treehouse” place at night. food was alright, and we had live entertainment in the form of an instrument whose name i forget. 😛 that and all the food the relatives brought up pretty much made it a binge fest.

the journey up and down were uneventful, save for a few people who refuse to get off the fast lane. and we lost my lil bro’s passport. no clue where it’s gone. thought my aunt that came with us may have accidentally taken it, but she didn’t. bleh. it’s going to be a hassle making a police report and getting it replaced.

we’ll be seeing our relatives again this weekend, so the clean up is underway! 😀 not sure how to get my airconditioning fixed tho…

so now i’m home. arrived around 8pm after crawling through a medium sized jam. first thing i did, of course, was to see if my WoW/Streamyx connection has improved. it hasn’t. instead, spent the night watching Shaun of the Dead and CB4. straight out of locash!

at the same time, i devised a script to tell my router to connect/disconnect my DSL till i got a 218.* IP address. i was good to go, until the router itself started bugging out on me. damn Linksys to hell! looks like DD-WRT installation will happen soon, and if that doesn’t help, i’m converting the server into a router.