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Rudy Ghani, Manager (Asset Management)
Rudy Ghani, Manager (HR System/Payroll & Benefits)

I’m so screwed.

That means high probability of less WoW time.

wednesday night is zerg night

High King Maulgar down!
Gruul down!
Magtheridon down!

Cheap loot: [item]28782[/item] for 10 DKP!

Then heroics:
SP: 2x[item]30603[/item], [item]29242[/item]
BF: [item]30600[/item]

Thx fuzz, bends, sylare, biatch0, n tunn. 🙂

botting in real life

botting: the act of automating actions, often becoming repetitive, in order to achieve or acquire things without active monitoring. will often result in WoW accounts being banned and such.

fortunately you can’t ban life, for i am a bot user in real life. every morning i wake up on the 3rd snooze, and take the same route to work. every day the first thing i do at the office is take a dump in its high tech toilet. every morning i have the same bihun goreng for breakfast for RM 1. every lunch time i take a nap. every evening i come home to WoW, save Tuesday.

money in the bank seems to be growing as expected. i think.

but it’s gotten bad so much so that i can get through some of the mundane things without thinking. most of the time it’s the driving. i’d be absent mindedly thinking about other things like work or WoW and then suddenly arrive at my destination. even when the terrain’s changed (e.g. the new flyover at Section 16), i still keep taking the same old slower route. it’s particularly bad in the morning when my mind’s still trying to accept the fact that the sun is up.

no, there is no point to this post.

climbing high, hope i don’t fall…

So I seem to have gotten that manager post I applied for more than X months ago (let’s call it Post A). Having not received a reply in said period, I totally put it behind me. But here it is, a letter of promotion, that’ll put me off all my current projects into an area unknown to me.

But current duties aside, it’s actually a good thing. A chance to experience new challenges, and the usual pay rise.

However, the current post I’m holding (let’s call it Post B) is also managerial, which has only been recently acknowledged so, and therefore currently open for interviews. I’ve also applied for it, cause since I’m the current holder, it makes no sense for me to just let it go.

Also, I should be getting a backdated promotion for Post B, since I’ve been doing the work since April. ‘Should’ meaning ‘I hope’.

I have a week to think things through and weigh the options. In that time I have to find out if I will really get a backdated promotion for Post B, and what my bosses’ thoughts are (they don’t know yet), and what they’ll do, and whether I can humbly/politely decline the offer for Post A, or whether it can be converted to a promotion for Post B.

Hopefully I don’t step on too many feet. 😛

sylinfel 1, magtheridon 0

I survived Magtheridon! Hooray! This was on Monday by the way.

Lots of yummy loot, but nothing quite right for me. Was thinking of taking his head, for [item]28790[/item]. But I almost have enough Badges for [item]29373[/item], so I decided to skip it. After it was picked up for 10 DKP, I got to thinking again that maybe I should’ve grabbed it.

But nevermind. I need all the DKP I can get for T4 shoulders. Possibly even T5 shoulders, now that SSC/TK attunements have been removed. Angel wings! Thanks Blizz! Although I’m gonna miss Gruul tonight for dinner. Oh noes~ 6 DKP burned!

But the standing rule is in force: RL > WoW.