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hapus aku

Kutuliskan kesedihan
Semua tak bisa kau ungkapkan
Dan kita kan bicara dengan hatiku

Buang semua puisi
Antara kita berdua
Kau bunuh dia sesuatu
Yang kusebut itu cinta

Yakinkan aku Tuhan
Dia bukan milikku
Biarkan waktu waktu
Hapus aku…

Sadarkan aku Tuhan
Dia bukan milikku
Biarkan waktu waktu
Hapus aku…


i’ve finally stumbled into the world of Heroic instances.

first of was an invitation by Slayerii (from one of the more better PUGs i’ve been with) to do Heroic Arcatraz. it was a guild run but they didn’t have an extra healer, so it sux being the odd one out. it was also tough cuz i haven’t done arcatraz in a while, and caused 1 or 2 wipes. i would always imagine them making fun of me in guild chat. didn’t help that one of the more vocal members was very sarcastic, on top of asking me to pass on nether so that he can make his goodies.

never again. but surprisingly the last boss was easy to heal through. at least i got one of my trial of naaru quests out of the way.

then it was Heroic Slave Pens with guildies. quite uneventful.

then it was Heroic Mechanar with guildies again. not a bad run. got myself a healing mace, but it lacked +stamina so I’m still stuck with my staff. found myself dying a lot on this run. found an interesting way to do the 2nd boss, which is now a trade secret among the 5 of us. 😛

it’s funny how some people constantly pester you to level up your trade skills but don’t really care about the time and money needed to do it. screw it, i’m just going to take my time. there’s no way i’m going to spend gold on the void crystals and primals needed for the required enchanting rod. i’ve been steadily losing gold trying to upgrade my gear, so all these other things that OTHER people need must not put a further dent in my finances.

ironically, my finances IRL have been pretty good.

dropped gruul last night. forgot to loot a quest item for SSC attunement. GG.

been taking my time to level up cooking and fishing as well. it’s really nice to take a break from progression once in a while.

happiness lost


taken from our team building session last year. all smiles, compared to the sorrow i face right abt now.

btw, i’ve installed a new plugin that lets me remove certain posts from the front page. as you can see, no more WoW. there’s just so many snippets of in-game happenings that i want to post, but irrelevant to most readers. so if u wanna go in and take a look at my exploits, just click on that category listed on the right sidebar.

seems like WoW and School Rumble are my only solace against the current emo attacks. or are they the cause..?

do or die

i’ve texted my peace. misunderstanding or not, we’ll see what happens.


[item]28578[/item] from Julienne,
[item]22559[/item] from Moroes, I think,
a random [item]22545[/item] drop,
and 14x[item]22450[/item] for the guild bank.

Without much headache too. We were owning the bosses, but had some bad luck on the trash mobs. 😛 Nightbane was also pretty tough due to huge spikes on the MT (had to spam-cancel max-rank Greater Heals), but we managed to pull through on the 2nd or 3rd try.

retail therapy

With the computer upgrade being postponed indefinitely, and me in need of a slight pick up, and the WoW guild in need of microphone-equipped members, and me having saved a little due to all the WoWing:

Motorola S705 SoundPilot, RM340
Nokia 6300, ~RM400 after trade in
– Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB Dongle, RM32

[edit: I’m just thinking of buying these, I haven’t actually bought them!]

It’s actually a neat lil’ package. The 6300 supports stereo transmission over Bluetooth (A2DP profile), which the S705 will pick up and feed into my earphones, which I’ll replace with my current Sony pair. I’ll also use it, of course, for hands free operation while driving, etc.

The USB dongle is for my PC obviously. Main reason for it is so that I can hopefully use the S705 for Teamspeak/Ventrilo chat during raids. Otherwise, I can use it to listen to music/chat with my sister wirelessly. And with the dongle and the S705 being a Class 1 products, I should get a range of 100 meters, allowing me to listen/chat from anywhere in the house. Handy while mopping the floor. 🙂

Or… I could wait for an iPhone:

Awesome blossom.

jumps of joyous jubilations~

But not for me >_< Grats to WDK for first-time-killing Magtheridon! 2 resets and countless times after our initial try! 2x[item]29755[/item] (grats Jud & Ken), [item]28782[/item] (grats Kellee), [item]28778[/item] (grats ???) and [item]32386[/item] (grats JJ). Don't trust the tooltips.. Allakhazam hasn't updated these items since the 2.1 epic buffs. Sadly, I wasn't there with them to finish the job, as I had to leave the raid early to pick up my bro from class. So no DKP for FTK, or for downing the boss. Probably just +2 for being on time and being on standby. *shrug* It's somewhat depressing when the whole guild rejoices but it was not really something you contributed to. At least I helped take the PvP objectives for the buff. >_< Come to think of it, I probably won't be able to do Mag properly until my bro's exams are over. Damn, Wednesdays suck. Tuesdays don't look so bad after all now. With the raid starting at 8.30, it only gives me at most 1hr 15mins to down him with the others. And that's if we start on time. But I suppose this schedule change will let me focus more on Karazhan though. And it's about time I started on Heroics. I just need to get the keys for Thrallmar and Sha'tar and I should be fully keyed for 'em. Sigh, Serpentshrine Cavern seems so distant.


a wedding and a landslide

Skipped Gruul’s Lair Sunday night to attend a wedding Sunday night with my mom. T’was one of her schoolmate’s son’s wedding, so it was important for her not to miss it. And me being a *cough* filial son, it had to be me to drive her there through the rain into the heart of KL.

I’m not complaining, really. Once in a while it’s good to leave the bedroom and actually interact with proper flesh creatures. It also gives you a lot to think about.. how life might be if you’re not a computer geek or a WoW addict. Would I be a good husband or father if I were married and/or had children?

Then I return home, and forget.

But before returning home, our trip was sidetracked by a police roadblock, taking us away from our usual route through Jalan Duta. Only today we found out that there was a landslide along the road.

If a landslide can happen right here in one of KL’s upperclass areas, I dare not think the risk exposed for other locations in our country. Maybe JKR will do another study and propose a giant umbrella over the Peninsula.

Speaking of landslides, must have more Heroes.

Stories from the past…

I had a fairly interesting (and radically different compared to what’s considered normal) life as a kid which culminated in plenty of pleasant (and unpleasant), and sometimes amusing (correlated with severe punishments) experiences.

Here’s one of those stories:

The two of us were bored and exasperated with the ridiculous amount of reading that we had to do. Added to that, we were freezing in the library (the centralised airconditioning always seemed to be on full blast here) and our brains were just deadening away as whatever we read didn’t imprint into our brains. No one else was around (the others were away from the premises at that time) to distract us from our workload so we kept trying to concentrate on the papers in front of us.

After a while I hear, “Hey.”
I look up, eyebrows raised, “What?”
“Let’s get out of here. My brain’s dying minute by minute.”
“Okay!” I chimed.

We ran out of the room, skipping about whilst laughing. It’s good to be a kid! The whole place is pretty quiet at the time, less then a handful of people are around. As we pass by Richard’s office, I collide into my companion who has suddenly stopped.

“Oof! Why’d you stop?”
“Check it out…”

I look into Richard’s office (the room is composed of all around clear glass partitions) and realise that there’s a large coil of rope lying down by his desk. We both enter the room and examine the rope up close.

“Cool, it’s nylon. Looks new too.”
[Richard’s pretty much an outdoors type of person. We guessed that the rope was for (or had been used) for one of his excursions (mountain climbing etc)]
“Hey…I got an idea!” Followed by a very big grin.
I raise my eyebrows, “Uh…nothing overly hare-brained I hope?”
“Of course not!”

Carrying the rope, I followed all the way down to the basement car park. We stopped next to a very nice (and brand new) Lexus LS400. The next thing I know, I see a pair of sneakers jutting out from under the back of the car.

“Hand me the rope!”
“Hey, that’s a pretty neat idea!” I exclaim, grinning.
“Come on, hurry!”

The rope goes under the car, I squat down and see it being looped around the rear axle of the car.
“Take the other end and leave just a little bit of slack and tie it around the pillar. And hide the excess!”
“Okay, okay!” I hurry, obeying the instructions.

The deed done, we both crouch behind the pillar, waiting. It’s almost 6pm, and we know the owner of the car leaves at about this time. We fidget for about 10 minutes before we hear steps, and there he is! He gets in the car, starts and drives…

Mind you we’re still grinning up to this point and then…the car jerks to a halt and the rear right side of it collapses as the axle is torn partway off. Our grins are totally wiped off, and we both look at each other with the expression of, “We’re so dead.” (See it’s nice to be a kid! As adults, we’d have gone, “Holy ****ing s***!”)

We were both then hauled up to the main office, given a very stern and admonishing lecture by the boss (who coincidentally is also the driver of the car) with the usual, “What the hell were you two thinking!” which culminated with, “You two…are going to pay for the damages.”

We’re both more or less tearful at this stage, realising that we really screwed it up this time. Oh boy, some times maybe it’s not so good being a kid, since as adults we wouldn’t have done something that stupid…right? Right?

So what happened at the end of this story? After many months when we’d finally managed to paid the last of the damages, he called us both into the office once again. There he returned us our money and told us that we should take it as a lesson to always think before we act. Also, besides that he said the main thing he was glad for was that we both weren’t injured in doing something that foolish. So…maybe it’s not so bad being a kid after all.