04 Jun 2007

a wedding and a landslide

04 Jun 2007

Skipped Gruul’s Lair Sunday night to attend a wedding Sunday night with my mom. T’was one of her schoolmate’s son’s wedding, so it was important for her not to miss it. And me being a *cough* filial son, it had to be me to drive her there through the rain into the heart of KL.

I’m not complaining, really. Once in a while it’s good to leave the bedroom and actually interact with proper flesh creatures. It also gives you a lot to think about.. how life might be if you’re not a computer geek or a WoW addict. Would I be a good husband or father if I were married and/or had children?

Then I return home, and forget.

But before returning home, our trip was sidetracked by a police roadblock, taking us away from our usual route through Jalan Duta. Only today we found out that there was a landslide along the road.

If a landslide can happen right here in one of KL’s upperclass areas, I dare not think the risk exposed for other locations in our country. Maybe JKR will do another study and propose a giant umbrella over the Peninsula.

Speaking of landslides, must have more Heroes.

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