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The guild leader has now associated me with cornflakes. Good for nutrition, but for WoW it’s a bad tag to have. It basically describes someone who’s unreliable because he/she has been missing a lot of raids, and being AFK. So yes, I am now a flake, be it the ones you eat or the ones that fall off your hair.

I am rather saddened by this. It’s not like I want to miss taking down the bosses and doing things with the guild, but there’s just so many things happening right now that I must see to. My life is not as dandy such that I only have myself to care about. My family needs me, and my friends miss me. So what’s a guy got to do?

But anyways, I’m hoping that my flakiness won’t last. Hopefully I can sort out a schedule that works for all. But if that still doesn’t cut it, then I might as well quit.


Watched P Ramlee The Musical on Sunday. It was really good, beyond my initial expectations. The group performances were alright, but it was the solos that totally hit the spot. Siti Nurhaliza and Liza Hanim’s songs were so good that I had goose bumps most of the time, and their lyrics were so meaningful as well. Sean Ghazi was just brilliant, and totally blew us away with his performance. Stage props were interesting, and well used as well. ^_^

Plus I had the pleasant company of Fai-chan and her mom, and that compounded the entire happy effect. 🙂

Tis another 2 weeks till my bro sits for his SPM, so there’s a huge amount of cramming to be done till then. Daily classes have put a major dent in the amount of things I can do in my time, but it’s this time that he needs our support most, so I’ll just have to suck it up. ^_^ Besides, I still managed to squeeze in some quality time with Fai-chan here and there. Hee.

WoW guild is still trying to lay the smack down on Kael’thas. 5 phases altogether, but we’ve only managed to survive up to phase 4. Coordination is just a lil lacking, and people were just having trouble paying attention to everything that’s going on. Mom’s guests tonight will be coming early, so I’m hoping to make the raid to take down the mini bosses I need for Black Temple.

Am now on a TV series marathon, catching up with the new seasons of House, Heroes, Prison Break, and Californication. Heroes and Prison Break remains interesting, and House is awesome as always. Californications is… risque, but behind all the sex lies a good story about an author (played by David Duchovny) trying to get his act back together. Haven’t looked up Battlestar Galactica though… I should do that soon.

There’s no longer any doubt that I’ll be going to Singapore and Sydney within the next two months. Leave has all been approved, and modes of transportation booked and purchased. I’m pretty much all good in ichaya’s hands for Singapore, with plans of yummy food and desserts. For Sydney, there’s a few more logistics issues to sort out. First of all I MUST find something to do for the 8-10 hour AirAsia flight. Was originally thinking of a PSP, but a book would be more prudent. *suddenly remembers Merv’s iPod Touch and starts drooling* We’ll be landing at Coolangatta along the Gold Coast, so we need to figure out how to get to Sydney and think about anything we’d like to do or see along the way. Ugh, am already dreading the 15-hour bus ride down. Looks like I’ll need a book bag.

c’mon nokia~

I’m starting to wonder when Nokia will stop messing around and start making phones that are more sensible in terms of features and stylish in terms of looks. I mean, just look at Sony Ericsson’s K850i! It’s gorgeous, with a 5mp camera to boot! ~drool~ So far the only Nokia phone I’m eyeing is the 6300, and even that’s halfhearted.

automating facebook

So Facebook has been taking up lots of time, especially with all its funny (and fun) applications. One app that’s been taking most of my time is Warbook, which is a simple but addictive web-based MMORPG game that’s linked to Facebook.

One of the spells that you can cast in Warbook is Alchemy, which basically spends 20 mana to produce a good amount of gold. A normal player gains 6 mana each hour, so that means you can cast Alchemy every 4 hours. Problem is, my mana cap is low at 60, and if I leave the game for too long I’ll end up with lots of wasted mana. It’s not like WoW where you can actually drink and stuff to regain mana; you actually have to wait to get it replenished.

That’s when I found this Automating Facebook Interaction using Ruby and WWW::Mechanize article, showing an example of how you can automate posting to someone’s wall with random quotes. Since then, I’ve extended the example to cast Alchemy for me. Put it together with cron, and I have it running every 4 hours. ^o^

Read up a bit more on Ruby’s syntax, and now I have daily runs to use up my Vampires attack quota, and do 20 random attacks on Vampires vs. Werewolves. Yeah, they’re silly apps, but me like RPG styles stuff. 😛

Still a bunch of quirks to work out though. Facebook connections hasn’t been so good lately, and there’ve been disconnects while the scripts are running. I’ll probably get to that sometime, but not so soon.

post-raya blues~

the holiday mood is gone~
but i can’t help but try to cling on~


Yes, it’s Monday! How a dreadful way to end the holidays. People are back in the office and things have kickstarted back to normal. Except myself, of course.

And it doesn’t help that Fai-chan’s away for a module for two weeks. Sigh, I miss her already.

I guess the only activities that remain are.. work, facebook, visiting, and WoW.

selamat hari raya!

Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat~
Perutku maju, makan selamat~

Selamat lemangku, selamat rendangku~
Semoga berpanjangan nikmat dari-Mu~

So yeah, Selamat Hari Raya to everyone! Mohon maaf zahir & batin for all that I’ve done or said that may or may not have offended you.

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souji weekend~

souji means cleaning~

So last weekend we dropped everything to get things ready for this coming Raya. But not before having spent some cosy quality time with Fai-chan the night before <nyaa> <3 =^-^=.


Saturday started off at 8am, when my mom and I headed to the Kelana Jaya pasar tani to place orders of rendang palembang and ketupat palas. We also picked up a ton of kuih raya to give away at about RM14-15 per balang, which were really cheap compared to prices at other places we were to discover later. Also grabbed some nasi impit and rendang kerang (mmm~) for iftar and sahur. But even after that, we discovered a stall selling fresh live mussels! So we picked up a kilo of that, plus some kunyit and stuff to boil it with. Couldn’t wait~!

We then went back home so that mom could start cleaning and boiling the clams. I started on some simple cleaning of the house, i.e. getting rid of unneeded stuff lying about, and replacing some bulbs. But I was so sleepy after a short while I ended up on my bed. And I stayed there for a good 3 hours.

Woke up and it was raining, so that pretty much messes up the afternoon plans. Had a quick chat with Fai-chan, then continued with some more simple cleaning before iftar.

Iftar.. was.. absolutely.. fabulous! It was a very simple meal: fresh boiled mussels that were absolutely divine, and nasi impit with rendang kerang. We finished up the mussels easily, and the kerang was really good too~ <3 my mom~

After prayers, we zipped on down to 1U to pick up drinks and stuff from Jusco and Giant. Parking was a toot as always, and I was waiting down in B1 for quite a while before a thoughtful SMS from Fai-chan instantly made one spot available for me right where I was waiting. ^_^ Didn’t get anything worth mentioning from Jusco, and we only picked up a few items from Giant as well. Drinks seem expensive, so we thought we’d check out other places first. Oh well…

Finished off the day with a serious conversation with Fai-chan about certain circumstances. Tis okay dear, just know that I’ll always be here for you…


Got up at 10am. Went straight to Masjid India to look for cloth for the people we’re visiting. It was extra packed with people, and parking was terrible. We were stuck in traffic for quite a while before I was able to find an illegal spot along one of the main roads (don’t worry, everyone was doing it). Picked up a few things from Binwani’s Silk Street, then mom and bro went off to Sogo while I stood vigil over the car. Turned on the MP3 player on my phone and listened to my regular tunes under the shade, while observing DBKL towing off a white Jazz, and an MPV driving the wrong direction on a busy one way street. I should’ve brought a camera.

Zipped back onto the Federal to PJ New Town to drop off the bro for class. Went to the bank to withdraw some moolah, then to home for a breather. Did a little more cleaning, then looked up Fai-chan online, who quickly reminded me to watch the China GP. :O Caught Hamilton’s retirement before we managed to pry ourselves from the couch to check out Wisma PKNS in Shah Alam.

The stores in PKNS were pretty much the same as last time. Except that prices for food were mad expensive. RM10 more for a kilo of serunding compared to last year. And kuih raya too were going for a minimum of RM18 per balang. Tis highway robbery! So we only grabbed just some rendang tok for iftar and one balang of kuih together with another tub of bahulu. We’ll probably wait for them to slash prices down as we get nearer to Raya. And that’s only if we cannot get everything we need from Thursday morning’s pasar tani.

Got home to drop the stuff off, and was halfway cleaning the bathrooms when it was time to pick the bro up. Turned out I was misinformed and arrived early. So there I was again, this time sitting in the car listening to the radio. Nope, nothing interesting happened. Got home to finish off my cleaning, and then a slightly late buka, and then online, and then sleep.

And the souji is not quite over. @_@