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tokyo jihen

so after before our ftk last night, fellow guildie Nick whispered me to check out Tokyo Jihen & Shiina Ringo. which i did this morning. nice tunes, but Sounan sounds nicest so far:

azgalor dies~


the pain-in-the-butt Azgalor is now dead. It was tough keeping the tank up and timing Shields before the AoE Silence while avoiding Rain of Fires (i kept running from one into another), but we managed to do it. Didn’t have time to move on to Archimonde, but the time will come for that.

Looks like this will be the last FTK for me before my trip to Oz.  Now getting all the minor details out of the way, like travel insurance and currency. So much to do… 🙁

blog updates

whee updates~!

upgraded wordpress to 2.3.1, upgraded wpg2 to 3.0.2, upgraded K2 to RC3.

changed from a 2-column layout to 3-column layout cuz there was just too much info for a single column. the rightmost column (i tweaked K2’s CSS a bit cuz I didn’t like the extra column being on the left) will now contain stuff i wanna look at on a daily basis; external links basically. the rest will remain on the original column.

the new layout looks good on Firefox, but I don’t have IE7 to test on. do let me know if it looks borked.

wordpress has tag clouds now. not sure how to use them along with categories. :

back into time: 2x mt hyjal 1-shot FTKs!

The guild went back to Mt Hyjal last night to continue progression for T6 content. I missed the 1st boss kill on Thursday, but am glad to have attended the raid last night in which we took down both Anetheron and Kaz’rogal in single attempts. Grats, WDK! ^_^



Unfortunately, the random [item]32609[/item] didn’t drop, compared to Thursday’s 2x. 🙁

The 4th boss, Azgalor, is much more a pain in the ass. People were just dying to his Rain of Fire, and it was tough with me being the only Circle of Healing-specced priest (yup, just switched ^_^). Spamming that spell only managed to pull aggro from the adds. Hopefully we can take him down tonight, and move on to the final boss, Archimonde. So it’s Archimonday people! 😀

Btw, I lurve Fai-chan! ^o^


Yumekukan is this awesome karaoke place in Plaza Mon’t Kiara (Sunrise) with a huge selection of Japanese and English songs. Imagine two yellow-pages-sized books, one for each of them! Fai-chan was totally at home when we were there, rockin’ the mic with her awesome voice and expert Jap-reading skillz. I couldn’t keep up with lyrics in most fast songs, but I think I’ve improved quite a bit from that one session. Still have major problems with katakana and kanji though. >_< Oh well, renshuu renshuu~!

Tomorrow night we’ll be catching Beowulf. Hope they don’t censor too much~

The Eye in one night~

Now that Kael’thas is nerfed after the patch, everyone’ll want to do him. Guild’s second kill, and my personal FTK, we managed to clear the entire instance in one night. Awesome! ^o^ I’ve picked up my lovely [item]29307[/item] from Soridormi, and am now ready to rock Mount Hyjal! The guild will be making our first visit there tomorrow, but I’ll be in MV bowling with colleagues. I always miss the FTKs. >_<


Yea, my framerate is terrible while raiding. Those numbers are just screaming upgrade.

Btw, I <3 Fai-chan. ^_^