23 Nov 2007

i wish my marching band was as geeky

23 Nov 2007
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  1. kittenz November 23rd, 2007 8:53PM

    eeee, that was so cool! i could only recognize half tho! gimme a list XD

  2. myuu November 24th, 2007 12:38PM

    by music:-

    mortal kombat (not sure what arrangement was shown, since the view’s from above)
    mario level 1
    mario level 2 (underground)
    mario some other level (or maybe star invincibility mode)
    mario some other level
    mario time running out level 1
    mario level complete 😛

  3. kittenz November 25th, 2007 10:35AM

    the mortal combat one, i’m not sure what’s the first one, then it’s the MK, then it’s the dragon

    my housemate recognized it XD


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