02 Dec 2007

sydney again

02 Dec 2007

konbanwa, anata~

2nd day in Oz started slow. we were still weary from the day before, and i was just enjoying the mattress too much. we finally got out of the apartment around lunch time to savor some Indonesian cuisine at a nearby restaurant called Ayam Goreng 99. really good stuff.

picked up weekly travel passes and then took the bus/train to Edgecliff, and from there we headed down to Rushcutter Bay, home of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. didn’t find the person we were looking for, but we got some info on their youth program. also checked out one of their sailing shops, which were filled with awesome sailing gear. made me want to take up the main sheet and tiller again.

after that we took the train to Bondi Junction, and went window-shopping in the Westfield mall (supposedly they manage KLCC Suria as well). the place was really nice, with some christmas decorations already up. we had a light snack at one of the upper-end food courts, and the view of the city from there was amazing! took a quick look at Borders, but they didn’t carry what i was looking for, and prices weren’t cheap. there was also a Speedos outlet, but i decided to skip that one because i’d probably buy something (shorts and powered goggles, not swimming briefs :P).

then we just stopped by Woolsworth for some food, then went on our way home. bought back dinner from McDonalds just off campus, and it was 11pm by the time we finished.

i’m so happy to have at least seen your face, even though you’re far away and unreachable~

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