04 Dec 2007

mini choc tour

04 Dec 2007

ohayou, anata~

yesterday was another slow day. we left the apartment around lunch time to take the L94 bus all the way south to La Perouse. this area is a nice quiet place with its own beach and park. one part of this place was also supposedly used to film the final scene of MI2, but we didn’t manage to explore that area as it started raining pretty heavily. instead, we tucked ourselves into a seafood restaurant and helped ourselves to grilled fish and chips and seafood rolls. being a weekday, there weren’t that many people around, so it was quite serene.

after that, we took the same bus back all the way north into the city for our mini chocolate tour. our first stop was the Lindt Maitre Chocolatier cafe at Martin Place. here, my mom and i had the really smooth hot milk chocolate (the milk and chocolate came separately so that you can mix it up to your liking, and ppl were actually licking the chocolate off the mini jug) and my sis had the iced milk chocolate which was just as good. we also shared a serving of 3 scoops of ice cream comprising of white, dark, and hazelnut chocolate flavors. XD

we planned to head on straight to another chocolate place, Max Brenner, down the street, but we were just too full of chocolate to continue. we did go there just to take a look, and boy, it looked interesting. maybe next time…

since we had some time left, we just hung around in the city looking at shops. we were waiting for it to get dark so that we can check out the lights on the christmas tree. we didn’t stay too long though, as it looked like it was about to rain again. the tree itself wasn’t the best we’ve seen either.

back home, we just took to the beds, waking up later just for a quick dinner of instant noodles. i’m glad that we’re taking things easy this trip, otherwise it’d be so sakit when we get home. ^_^  something which i’m looking forward to, cuz i’m still missing yew~

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