09 Dec 2007

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09 Dec 2007

evenin’ dearest~

weather’s been pretty good, ‘cept that it keeps raining in the morning. so we’ve been postponing the beach walk for quite a bit until today.

yesterday we started off with a trip to the Westfield mall in East Gardens to pick up a full length mirror for my sis to replace her ikea-style squares of little mirror panels. went to a few retail outlets like K-Mart, Target, etc. to find a good one. also picked up some foodstuff for the apt.

went back home to unload the stuff, then Ayin had to go have dinner with her friends. in the meantime, Mom & I decided to visit the Sydney Fish Market. we got there about 4pm, which was pretty much closing time, so we scampered to look for food. we initially started off with my mom having grilled barramundi, and I a cold plate of half lobster, prawns, and oysters. the cold plate was quite fresh, but tasteless (except the oysters). the barramundi on the other hand was done very well.

while i struggled with my tasteless prawns, my mom went in deeper to discover more restaurants still open. so right after that we went in to grab 2 servings of lobster mornay for really cheap ($12 each) and those really made our day.

since we still had plenty of time to kill, we took a bus down to the CBD to look at the familiar places we saw back on our trip in 2006. mom also managed to pick up some favorite quiche from Wynyard Station. we then made our way up to the Rocks to walk around the historic site, and also have pancake at Pancake on the Rocks. even then we still had plenty of time, so we just hung around the harbor looking at people. after that we walked across the quay to the Sydney Opera House and looked at more people. we finally get a text from Ayin saying she’s almost done and started making our way home by bus. Ayin also made the bus, which was a very pleasant surprise.

today, we went to Paddy’s Market to look at fresh produce like fruits and such. mom picked up a huge load of macadamia nuts for home. went home, unloaded, and after a quick rest went straight out to Bondi Beach to start our Eastern Coastal Walk. before we started though, we picked up a few deep fried Mars bars to eat along the way. ^o^ the walk itself was awesome. we crossed about 4-5 stretches of beaches, with nice high vantage points up along the rocks in between. we started at 6pm, and ended up in Coogee beach around 8pm, about 7kms away.

the way home saw us on two buses, and our 2nd bus happened to be a nicely decorated christmas bus. it looked really nice, with tassle all along the handrails, and a mini snowman and xmas tree with vibrant fibre-optic colors. my mom wanted to take a pic with the driver, but there were timing issues with the camera and from that came a misunderstanding between mom and i that led to me shouting at her. i knew right after that it was a bad move, and it sucked that i hurt her feelings. sorry, Mom. it wasn’t easy to patch things up, but as of 9/12, we seem ok.

thank you dear, for giving me the push to do what is right~

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