05 Dec 2007

05 Dec 2007

ohayou dearie~

yesterday was also a rather slow day. looks like this holiday will be a very laid back one. we first went to visit the Birkenhead outlet shopping area to look at stuff. discounts were decent, but no major international brands were available, except fcuk. there were some interesting outfits there, but the prices were still pretty high. was thinking i should go back to River Garden next time i drop by Singapore.

after that we went back to the yacht club to talk to their youth programme coordinator, Jenny. seems like a fun place to sail for my sister. they’ll be putting her in the all-girls squad when she gets back from KL next year. she’ll be starting mid-course, but it’ll be a good opportunity for her to show off her skills.

but before we arrived at the club, we had plenty of time before our appointment so we stopped by the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) for some quick window shopping. we also located the krispy kremes and picked up some to eat at home. XD yummy yums yums~

at night we just ordered pizza from Dominos. my sis and i were just too lazy to go out again. ^_^;

i <3 yew~

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