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Weekend Cooking: Breakfast Mac and Cheese

One day Khairil sent me a link on Facebook messenger to this really yummy looking recipe by Spicy Southern Kitchen.  It looked simple enough, and I just received a bag of shredded Cheddar from Merv, so I thought it’d be nice to make this over the weekend and invite Adik over for brunch.  So yesterday after work I decided to stop by B.I.G. to grab whatever additional ingredients needed, and even found jalapenos – that place is so awesome!  In the end I found out that Adik was going away with Mom and Ayin and family to KK for the weekend, but I decided to go ahead and make this anyway.

Making the biscuits from scratch really cut down the cost a lot; store-bought frozen biscuits here cost upwards of 20 ringgit per bag.  This lovely casserole makes a really hearty brunch, and also great for potlucks and gatherings.  Give it a try!

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Weekend Cooking: Breakfast Biscuits

For the Breakfast Mac and Cheese I needed a quick and simple breakfast biscuit recipe, because I just wasn’t willing to fork out 20-plus ringgit to buy the frozen ones from some upmarket grocer.  There are probably other better recipes out there, but this one gets the job done.

I find rolling out the dough and cutting with a bisuit cutter to be quite tedious.  Gathering up the scraps and re-rolling them also makes the biscuits look unappealing.  Next time I’m going to roll the dough into a 3 inch thick log and cut them up into pieces, and see if that yields better results.

Based on the recipe by Paula Deen.

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Weekend Cooking: Gambas al Ajillo

During one of our trips to Bali, one of the restaurants at the place we stayed in served very nice tapas.  That was the first time we tried Gambas al Ajillo, large succulent shrimp cooked with oil, garlic, and chili flakes.  The oil was so well infused with flavor that we soaked it all up with crusty chunks of bread, long after the shrimp was cleared off our plates.  Definitely a memorable dish.

I found some nice extra large shrimp at Tesco, so I decided to try making the dish myself.  This recipe by Serious Eats seems to take the dish very seriously, taking the time to infuse the oil using the shrimp shells.  The results were delicious, and we enjoyed it with slices of home-made bread.  This recipe uses a lot less chili flakes than the version we had in Bali, so here I upped the chili flakes a bit more for that extra kick.


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