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Sorry guys, the Gold Coast update will have to come this weekend, since I haven’t picked up the 2 Gigs of pictures from Fish yet. And I can’t quite remember what our dinner plans were…

Anyways, a misc update of everything:-

Only being able to watch 1/4 of Memoirs of a Geisha on the plane, I watched the rest of it back home. Such a sweet, happy ending! Glad I watched it. 🙂 Aaaa Chiyo-chan~

I’m no longer holding 2 positions. Got a transfer letter back to my old post on the Monday I returned. *wonders what management is up to*. You could say I’m glad, but not in its entirety. Was pretty sure I could’ve contributed much more. At the expense of my brain cells, but nonetheless…

Caught up with Fish the day after his return from New Zealand. Another boarder-junkie has joined our midst! Hopefully that trip to Melbourne next year will become a reality. 😀 Wonder if Merv will want to join us… Well Fish didn’t manage to do the 100m Queenstown bungie though, only a 47m one. But it’s ok, we’ll just have to go there again and do it! w00t!

Will be going to Singapore in November for Linkin Park. Mom didn’t like the idea, cuz it was a weekday and everything, but it would’ve helped if she told me before we booked tickets. 🙁 E-mails should be replied! Anyways, what’s done is done. Sorry, mom.

WoW news: Personal FTK on Karathress. Morogrim is a bitch. We’re almost there on Leotheras. Have started arena-ing. It’s actually quite fun. Of course, being a holy priest means everyone will try to kill me first. Oh noes.

Have started playing BF 2142 again. Lowest video settings at highest resolution seems to help the graphics latency a bit. Merv has overtaken me on the leaderboard. Bugger.

Few more movies to watch:- Pathfinder, Apocalypto.


With me being emo the past few weeks, I barely had time to update on the going-ons. Well, I would’ve, if I wasn’t raiding so much. My WoW-playing has actually been tapering down, but it’s now back on top cuz I’m starting to enjoy PvP Battlegrounds. Killing other players kinda gives you this added satisfaction.

Dear cuzzies Hemlocke & ichaya were down from Singapore on the 8th. It was great having them around, and it’s not because I’m forced to make my room livable. ^_^ Wish I could’ve spent more time with them though, but yea, work sucks. But I think they were quite content being left alone to shop around town. 🙂

Weekend of the 11th saw me and my mom at Morib to pick up a friend, then over in Melaka to look at the mussel farming business. While the adults were talking business, I just curled in and slept through the whole discussion. I’ve been driving the whole morning and it was awfully tiring. After everything was said and done we headed back to Morib, then back to KL. Only got home about 8.30, missing that night’s raid by minutes. Can’t remember what I did the next day… or was it the day before? Mmm.. yea, i think I serviced the car the day before. And I missed the Kara raid that day too.

Weekend of the 18th. Went to CIMB’s Mega Auction Carnival at PWTC Saturday morning with mom and Feruz. Auctions are quite exciting in real life. Didn’t get anything of course.. no $. Got home in time for Kara, barely. At night, BBQ at Zoe’s place. Mmmmm lamb chops. Mmmmm fondue. Mmmmm chocolate fondue on vanilla ice cream.

Slept the whole morning Sunday (well not really, since I started sleeping at 4am), and then dinner at RSYC after looking at a prawn farm. Yeah, been having awfully busy weekends.

Now I only have 3 days to pack and get ready for my Gold Coast trip this Friday. Prolly gonna drop by Mid Valley tonight to get some money changed. On Thursday I’ll be in Colmar Tropicale for some sort of management briefing session. Was supposed to be there till Friday, but if I stay I’ll miss my flight. So yeah, day trip to Bukit Tinggi, then get on a flight the next morning. It’s going to be sooo tiring.

update long forgotten

watched Simpsons Movie last night. went to a seminar at the Marriott this morning. finished with Malloreon, looking to buy Harry Potter 7, but picked up Shan’s Demonata Book 5 at MPH yesterday. MPH Mid Valley sux cuz they don’t do cover wraps. Idiot driver also sux wanting to block my path coming out of MV’s boulevard while she tries to stop by a pickup lane that’s already full. FTK on The Lurker Below in SerpentShrine Cavern last week. yay guild. yay wow.

[ICAC Censored 1]

new job description is really different. drop all programming and technical stuff for writing policies, procedures, and guidelines instead. supposedly the job is very important says the cio, but then why is half my team considered “bottom feeders” by the rest of the organisation? and where the fuck is my office?

anyways, since they decided to cancel my interview for my old position (supposed reason: already acting for a similar position), i decided to go for an interview with another company. wow, double pay ain’t that hard to get lah. i could’ve easily accepted the offer, ‘cept that i was informed that working at that particular company might be hellish. still, i’m pretty sure i can ace the Shell interview process if i were to go for it.

myuu vs.. it looks like a losing battle, but hopefully myuu can turn it around! things can go either way, we’ll see!

..words: myuu left the last book of the mallorean at the office! fortunately transformers G1 season 3 was around to save the day! 5 more episodes!

..netherspite: purple necklace, yay!

who says failed attempts are a waste?

So we tried our hand at Hydross the Unstable in SSC last night. We wiped so many times that my repair bill hit 20g for the first time (and that’s just cloth!). The elevator deaths were funny though, tee hee.

But lo and behold, while clearing the mobs a 2nd time this dropped:

And I was the only tailoring cloth healer, yippie! These boots were the best in the game before Mount Hyjal. It’ll definitely stay on me for quite a while.

Problem is, I was at 358 tailoring when Zerul gave me that pattern. To get to 375, I needed 1300 Netherweave Cloth, among other things. Now I need to get 840, plus some Soul Essence, Netherweb Spider Silk, and Arcane Dust. And not to forget 1 Primal Nether.

Goodbye gold! Hopefully you’ll return to me soon once I level up my potion-making Blood Elf Mage.

FTK: Void Reaver

Grats to the guild for its First Time Kill of Void Reaver, the “first” boss in the Eye.
Grats to Fuzzy and Dave for the guild’s first T5 shoulders!

As a response to some comments during the battle, I only got hit by Arcane Orbs when I was close to the boss to heal. Either the tank dies, or I might die. ><

wednesday night is zerg night

High King Maulgar down!
Gruul down!
Magtheridon down!

Cheap loot: [item]28782[/item] for 10 DKP!

Then heroics:
SP: 2x[item]30603[/item], [item]29242[/item]
BF: [item]30600[/item]

Thx fuzz, bends, sylare, biatch0, n tunn. 🙂

botting in real life

botting: the act of automating actions, often becoming repetitive, in order to achieve or acquire things without active monitoring. will often result in WoW accounts being banned and such.

fortunately you can’t ban life, for i am a bot user in real life. every morning i wake up on the 3rd snooze, and take the same route to work. every day the first thing i do at the office is take a dump in its high tech toilet. every morning i have the same bihun goreng for breakfast for RM 1. every lunch time i take a nap. every evening i come home to WoW, save Tuesday.

money in the bank seems to be growing as expected. i think.

but it’s gotten bad so much so that i can get through some of the mundane things without thinking. most of the time it’s the driving. i’d be absent mindedly thinking about other things like work or WoW and then suddenly arrive at my destination. even when the terrain’s changed (e.g. the new flyover at Section 16), i still keep taking the same old slower route. it’s particularly bad in the morning when my mind’s still trying to accept the fact that the sun is up.

no, there is no point to this post.

sylinfel 1, magtheridon 0

I survived Magtheridon! Hooray! This was on Monday by the way.

Lots of yummy loot, but nothing quite right for me. Was thinking of taking his head, for [item]28790[/item]. But I almost have enough Badges for [item]29373[/item], so I decided to skip it. After it was picked up for 10 DKP, I got to thinking again that maybe I should’ve grabbed it.

But nevermind. I need all the DKP I can get for T4 shoulders. Possibly even T5 shoulders, now that SSC/TK attunements have been removed. Angel wings! Thanks Blizz! Although I’m gonna miss Gruul tonight for dinner. Oh noes~ 6 DKP burned!

But the standing rule is in force: RL > WoW.