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broken visual editor

i was having trouble editing today’s youtube post. seems that wordpress likes to put nonsense in between OBJECT tags. so i went out in search for a plugin that’ll let me embed youtube videos easily, and while i found a few, they don’t seem to work well with the visual editor.

as a matter of fact, none of the plugins that affect the visual editor works. 🙁

but i still want my videos! so i’ve decided to just disable the damned visual editor until the wordpress or tinymce developers can figure out what’s wrong.

so to all co-authors, please disable the visual editor for yourself under “My Profile”.

refresh problem fixed

yay, blog is now a-ok. did an upgrade of suphp to version 0.6.2 and the php executable doesn’t hang anymore. was also looking at installing fastcgi for the heck of it, but that didn’t work out. too complicated for such a simple problem.

in any case, what helped me was this firefox addon called firebug.  helps you debug your websites, and i believe even lets you change code on the fly to see how it’s like. if you’re a website owner, you’ll love this! it actually helped me isolate which php script was taking long to load. 🙂 and of course, it’s free!

gewd gewd very gewd

3Com router: gewd. zero downtime. torrents are at full (i.e. slow but steady) speed. wow is at full speed. no disconnections ever! found my copy of BSG S3E14 so that i can now continue watching xD

Blood Diamond: gewd. Jennifer Connelly: hawt. good movie.

Alterac Valley: gewd. been winning a few times in a row. 16 more marks for my epic mount xD. also got my rank 3 trinket. cheated somewhat by running thru the mob and rezzing and dying till i reached the wildpaw alphas.

Blackrock Depths: gewd. but could be better. last few grps were a mess. and this druid had the gall to criticise my healing when he himself can’t do better nor could he keep aggro off me in bear form. plus it’s not my fault if the main tank is high on weed. @_@. anyways, because of that i put 1 point in Holy, and prepared a Healer outfit for instances and PvP.

Scholomance: very gewd. had good ol’ Electricdove invite me for a run. t’was good till i was late picking up Khairil. a wipe close to the last boss ended it. still, our team did pretty well. i was level 56. 😛 picked up [item]22394[/item]. there were a few other things i should’ve Needed, but thought i’d probably get better ones when i hit Outlands.

more gewdies: Pan’s Labyrinth, Happy Feet.


me internet no working last night. modem no working me thinks.

me go dinner at section 14 with fish.

me go to digital world. buy 3com broadband router.

me go home. not know what vci and vpi to use.

me sad. watch incubus live at red rock colorado.

me sleep.

me wake up. call tmnet. got vci and vpi. internet working now. me happy.

me go wow now.


last night, i couldn’t connect to the net at all. looking at all the blinking lights on the modem, it seems that the modem has died (erratic ethernet). but before i head out and get a replacement, i thought to check with tmnet to see if anything’s up. i got to the point where the operator said “please hold on”, but then the fucker hung up on me. i suspect it’s the same guy i scolded the last time i called. i called again but couldn’t get through, just a dead line after going through the automated options.


so there i was tempted to hop over to section 14 to buy something. i had my bro’s b’day dinner though, so instead i just turned the thing off and hoped that it’d work again when i get back. 3 hours later i turned it on, and it was still konked out. called henry to see if i could borrow his old modem to see if it’d work on my setup, but i couldn’t get him. decided to just leave it at that and go watch some movies instead.

now this morning, i walk out to the living room and see the modem lights alight as they should be. and here i am, finally able to blog about it. what. the. fudge.

so it probably boils down to one thing: tmnet. either tmnet was fucking up my connection, or the tmnet-issued modem was fucking up my connection. either way, it’s all thanks to streamyx. malaysia boleh!

server woes

i don’t know if anyone of you is experiencing this, but at times when i reload this website, the connection would hang and it would seem like the server is not responding. i think it’ll load sooner or later, but i usually don’t wait.

and funny thing is, it works only when i hit Refresh or Reload. doesn’t seem to happen when i load it fresh or directly via in the browser address bar.

please let me know if you’re having this problem as well. if the connection times out and you get an error message, that’s another story. 😛

today’s traceroute


> traceroute
traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 2.428 ms 1.737 ms 1.850 ms
2 ( 15.559 ms 12.133 ms 13.793 ms
3 ( 26.100 ms 9.953 ms 12.849 ms
4 ( 15.644 ms ( 8.953 ms ( 8.201 ms
5 ( 11.142 ms 9.170 ms ( 8.830 ms
6 ( 8.971 ms ( 8.935 ms 8.936 ms
7 ( 234.767 ms * 234.700 ms
8 ( 236.309 ms 242.712 ms 233.744 ms
9 ( 249.406 ms 245.472 ms 241.452 ms
10 ( 239.642 ms 232.888 ms *
11 ( 236.085 ms 235.859 ms 237.083 ms
12 *^C

— ping statistics —
59 packets transmitted, 53 packets received, 10% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 259.478/275.212/440.641/32.227 ms


i forgot to give an update on my adventures on andy’s cpanel-based server.

i had managed to get processes running on the server: an ssh tunnel for WoW and a socks server for anything else. only problem is, outgoing traffic from the box is locked down pretty tight, and i can only use standard ports like http and https. so using his server as a WoW proxy is a no go. 🙁

so before i start spending some extra cash, i decided to brute force DSL connections to get a Streamyx IP address that is supposedly lag free for WoW. as i mentioned in an earlier post, i created a perl script to do it for me, but the router didn’t like it and would hang after 20 reconnections or so. but since then i’ve managed to stabilise it somewhat, and we seem to have a proper script working.

therefore, my network will not be accessible while i leave the script on for extended periods. all scratch boards, this website, vpn connections will not work. neither will my torrents, but i don’t really care for that at the moment. down time will usually be from 12pm to 6pm (sleep till return from work).


i’ve dumped my 3-columned 3K2Redux theme for a standard K2 one. reason being K2 being more of an active development project compared to 3K2 which is just a static package.

that, and i was also trying to fix the visual editor on my wordpress installation by totally reinstalling in a new directory. which didn’t work. funny thing is when i helped with fazhira’s blog, the visual editor didn’t even appear. weird weird.

won’t be working on the aesthetics anytime yet. gotta figure out how to put back all the customisations i previously made to this theme without touching its core. it’s going to be a real pain, especially for the author pics.

anyways, my blog will be offline from the time i sleep (around 12am) till the time i get home from work (around 6pm). see next post for reason. 😛 within that period, you can view all posted entries at


back from JB and Singapore. spent the weekend over at the company resthouse there. spent the time with my dear cuzzies and relatives chilling, napping, eating. activities of the idyllic sort. 🙂 er, not the eating of course. think we made a pretty good mess of the place, and feel kinda guilty to the housekeeper. esp. after my mom realised they left something in the oven and the new tenants found it. :O

as for eating, there were many yummy places to eat along Jln Petrie. 2 were within walking distance, but of course we were lazy and didn’t. had the usual Mee Rebus Tulang at one place, and went to the other “treehouse” place at night. food was alright, and we had live entertainment in the form of an instrument whose name i forget. 😛 that and all the food the relatives brought up pretty much made it a binge fest.

the journey up and down were uneventful, save for a few people who refuse to get off the fast lane. and we lost my lil bro’s passport. no clue where it’s gone. thought my aunt that came with us may have accidentally taken it, but she didn’t. bleh. it’s going to be a hassle making a police report and getting it replaced.

we’ll be seeing our relatives again this weekend, so the clean up is underway! 😀 not sure how to get my airconditioning fixed tho…

so now i’m home. arrived around 8pm after crawling through a medium sized jam. first thing i did, of course, was to see if my WoW/Streamyx connection has improved. it hasn’t. instead, spent the night watching Shaun of the Dead and CB4. straight out of locash!

at the same time, i devised a script to tell my router to connect/disconnect my DSL till i got a 218.* IP address. i was good to go, until the router itself started bugging out on me. damn Linksys to hell! looks like DD-WRT installation will happen soon, and if that doesn’t help, i’m converting the server into a router.