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a lonely blood elf

it’s really drab here in the ghostlands. surrounded by hostile creeps and living in a Tranqullien dump they call an inn. i was fortunate two nights ago to meet 2 other of my kin to share adventures with, but since then i haven’t had any luck with the sparse meetings with my brethren.

such is my fate for being a nocturnal blood elf. one who wakes while others slumber. the only sanctuary i find is in Fazhira, who share the same delight in darkness. only she is troll-kin, and lives far off in the distant region of the Eastern Kingdoms. her adventures take her beyond the dark portal, a place i can only dream of right now.

she has been kind to me. her alter-ego, Rakshasan, took the trouble of fashioning me a greater magic wand to help me survive this harsh landscape. she also introduced me to ArkInventory, which really helps me sort out my things for easy access during emergencies. ah, such wonderful people, and wonderful things i’ve discovered in this new life on Tichondrius.


sang to the theme of Ibu, used in an old Fernleaf advert:-

isu… isu…
engkaulah duri hatiku

bila ku bersuka
engkau hancurkan selalu

isu… isu…
engkaulah duri hatiku

On brunch conversations…

So earlier today I had brunch with a couple of friends, S and T (not related to anyone who reads/posts on this blog/comments). Here’s a paraphrased (as I recall it) excerpt of our conversation.

S: I really need to get married.
T: What, you’re broke already? Heh
S: No, no. I wanna have kids. My ovaries are screaming.
A: (chokes on drink)
T: Hahaha! What the hell, that’s definitely a new one.
S: Seriously, I wanna have kids. So you guys set me up with someone!
A: Hmm, well I do have this friend of mine who’s available. A steady sort of chap.
S: Oh?
A: Yeah, he works as an IT executive involved with HR in TNB.
S: Dear god, not another geek!
T: Heh, what”s the catch, A?
A: Well, S will have to make a couple of sacrifices of course when it comes to him.
S: (raises eyebrow)
A: First, he’s moslem, so there goes your alcohol. Second, he’s still a fairly junior exec, so he definitely can’t support your lifestyle. In fact, you’ll be supporting him in turn I think. Third, well…the fact that you’re a multiple divorcee will definitely make his family’s eyebrows shoot up.
T: (laughing hard)
S: Har, har, har. Very funny. Is he at least tall and strong with a good build?
A: On the contrary, he’s shorter, and I do believe lighter then you.
S: Definitely out then. My previous husbands all carried me through the door of our home. It’ll be a good start to this marriage if I go ker-splat and squash him as he carries me across the aisle.
A & T: (laughing)
S: What about you T? Any recommendations?
T: S my dear, I know of plenty of eligible chaps. All of whom can’t afford you. (grinning)
A: Well if he won’t do, I do know of another guy too who’s available. He’s Chinese and works as an insurance adjustor.
S: Hmm, insurance? Boring sort of person?
A: On the contrary, he’s quite a friendly chap.
T: What’s the drawback then?
A: Money. Definitely can’t support your lifestyle, S.
S: Sheesh, find me a rich husband already! Don’t keep bring up guys who can’t afford me!
T: Eh, why don’t you marry some datuk or other alreadylah.
S: No way. I get enough indecent proposals from datuks. One who’s my client is trying to make me wife number three.
T: Geez…
S: And he’s Chinese at that, not a moslem. Me, a third wife, ha!

Ahh, I do enjoy these brunch meetings. The conversation always amuses me.

wow food

aka WoW and Food.

WoW: reactivated my account on Saturday. was too lazy to go pick up my code from Az, and had him give me my Burning Crusade (BC) key instead, but as it turned out I need the BC CDs to access the BC content. so it was more Oblivion for that day.

picked up the CDs on Sunday after an outing with Fish and Zoe. started installing it immediately when i got home, and had it going while i mopped the apartment floor. rolled a fresh new blood elf priest this time, with the standard red hair, on Tichondrius, where Fuzzy, Raptor, & Loafer plays. but of course, i prolly won’t see them so soon, since they’re level 60+ and all. πŸ˜›

and the blood elf is female this time. forget the social quirks, i just wanna play the game. and there are a lot of guys out there who can’t resist helping sexy female characters. πŸ˜›

Food: on Sunday, Zoe, Fish & I went out for makan2 and some other things. Fish and I were planning to get info on offered Advanced Open Water courses at 1U. Zoe joined the fray when she needed to look at some things there as well. so we were in Bangsar for breakfast, where I had 2 half boiled eggs. Then Keng San/c3l joins us for our trip to 1U.

at 1U, there were 2 dive centers, both with their… ups and downs. we’re still not sure what the plan is, because one of the shops haven’t finalised their schedules yet. we’ll probably get back to them in a week or two.

we then proceeded to Chilis for a light lunch. shared a Triple Play, Bottomless Tostada Chips w/ Beef Queso, and had a cup of Chili on the side. had probably 5 rounds of Bottomless Mango Juice.

lepas tu, singgah stationery shop, then balik. but not before stopping by Az’s place. πŸ˜€

my date with oysters.

finally, after craving for sashimi and oysters for so long, i got to have ’em today. yup yup yup. at jogoya, starhill kl.

the place wasn’t that crowded, like it was when it first opened, but my friend and friends wanted to take precautions by making reservations. (i say screw the reservations and just go there. though, perhaps for bigger parties, it would be better.)

free yee sang for a table of 8 people or more. we had to remind them, but after it came, we didn’t feel like doing the deed – no one knew the ritual or the words to go with it. anyway, it was a quiet affair (re: yee sang) and after that, no one wanted to eat it. everyone wanted to save space in their tummies for other stuff. but the sashimi in it didn’t go to waste. =)

now that i’ve been there twice, i’ve had my fill of the place, i’m done with jogoya. but for those who haven’t been there and would like to make full use of the 2-3 hours of buffet time, should do so. cheapest price of RM68++ is at 2-430pm or 930-1130pm. i think.

boyz ii men

just got back from the boyz 2 men concert at genting. it was great. although i should’ve prepared myself by listening to some of their songs before going, cuz i couldn’t follow the lyrics to most of their songs. shawn stockman cried while performing “color of love”. but we probably won’t find out why.
and….. hannah tan was there. mmmm… she was wearing this white dress that was just… *gasp*. we bumped into her on the way to the arena of stars, and it was nice having her in your sight all along the way. i only realised later that harith iskandar was with her. πŸ˜›

and… i can say it was also a day of food. marmalade lunch with yvonne, where i had the spaghetti funghi, altho i’d say i prefer the smoked salmon i had before, and a fruit shake. then roti telur from the mamak near merv’s shop, then 2 scoops of baskin robbins’ strawberry cheesecake on a waffle cone. finished with a sirap limau aisΒ  at mahbub.

Yellow Fever

something my sis sent me. it has its many moments. πŸ™‚

it’s nice to know wordpress is compatible with youtube posting. only problem is, no header. and wordpress 2.1’s new WYSIWYG editor really sucks.

anyways, just watched the prestige. it’s really good. excellent. πŸ™‚

travel budget

padi advanced open water – 1,300.00

gold coast – 3,000.00

eurochocolate, italy – 4,000.00

what computer upgrade? πŸ™

my password, biatch!

so my colleague sitting next to me asks for a favor. she was having problems logging into our document server and have had no help from the tech people. so she asks me whether she can use my password instead.

i say no. she merajuk. she starts looking for other people who’d help her online. i peek over her shoulder, and then she meradang. i think she was more mad abt me constantly peeking at her monitor than anything else. not my fault she does “interesting” things with the computer.

in any case, what’s the use of the password if i’m going to share it with the whole f-in world?