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boon tat

note to self: directions to boon tat seafood restaurant: head towards port klang from klang, turn left at the port klang futsal center into pandamaran (may have to slip into the side road before the turn). after the light, instead of curving left along the road, take an illegal right into the housing area. break through, and there it is at the end.

must bring hokkien (well, at least canto)-speaking friend. πŸ˜›

*drool* crabs. fish. oysters. it was great. awesome. but the 6 of us – me, my mom, uncle jimmy, simon, patrizia & valeria – still couldn’t finish all those dishes.

spicy chili crabs, then tomato/sweet-hot crabs, then salt-fried prawns, then oyster omellette, then fishcake wrapped back in its own skin, then pomfret in mee hoon and soup. woooo bliss!

pictures later. πŸ˜€

movies 2007

got this email a while back with a long list of movies supposed to be coming out this year. let’s take a look:

so many movies. yet i’ll probably only get to watch 10%, leaving the rest for later. a lot of headturning titles but.. will the directors deliver? and it’s usually the title that misrepresents the quality of the show. book adaptations (comics too) have a high botch percentage. game adaptations are even worse. best bets are usually those movies that you’ve never heard of before. otherwise you go in with a certain expectation and then the movies don’t meet it.

shake that tailpipe

before i forget, there was this traffic incident that happened on saturday.

i had just picked up my bro from class, and was on the federal highway heading to KL to get tickets for the Japanese Drum Concert (which were sold out). there was this Honda Civic in front of us and we were on the fast lane.

parked or abandoned on the right side of the highway was some old grey car. that particular stretch of highway didn’t have much curb space either, so it was sticking out a little bit.

this civic was happily maintaining its course, seemingly oblivious to the existence of the other car parked in its way. it looked like they were going to collide but at the last possible moment the civic swerved out of the way towards the left, into the middle lane.

it didn’t end there. the civic didn’t want to be in the middle lane (due to overcompensation), and decided to counterovercompensate (no, u can’t find that in the dictionary) back to the right. it manages to find itself back in the correct lane orientation, but due to the laws of physics, its rear end continues to swing right resulting in a cool “Takumi’s- gumtape- deathmatch- against- the- divider- move”.

so yeah, it was pretty cool. we at the back coolly maintained our distance. πŸ˜›

no use crying over spilt 100-plus.

i did it again. i was deciding between closing the window and turning off the aircon when my hand being neither here nor there decided to brush against a glass of soda sending it crashing to the floor.

fortunately, i decided about a week ago to keep my computer case closed. on the other hand, i’m not sure what will happen when i turn on my ps2.

oh well, if it breaks, then i’ll have more time to do other things. πŸ˜›

Calling one, calling all! Defend your right to free speech!

This is the official statement of Bloggers United. This statement is jointly drafted by Susan Loone and Sheih of Kickdefella. All those who believe in justice and right to free speech, please sign on and put this up in your blogs. Spread it around; let it grow far and wide. The fight is on! See also Susan Loone.


We, Malaysian bloggers, we, who believe in justice and right to free speech, we, who endorse the Bloggers United movement, unanimously condemn the action taken by media conglomerate NST against bloggers Rocky Bru and Jeff Ooi. The action by the newspaper against the duo is an action against all bloggers who believe in their right to free speech, freedom of expression and justice.

The recent event may seem like a grave development in the path of bloggers, but it can never and must never impede or stop us from defending our right to speak, to express, to write and to tell the truth, to be the watchdog, eyes and ears of the people, or simply to share our view, and give fair comment on any subject which involves and affects us as humans, as rightful citizens of this country.

The recent event may very well give the government owned media the opportunity to dictate the so-called β€˜truth” but such actions only prove that bloggers must unite, continue to uphold the right to free speech and freedom of expression, fight for justice, even if it is not our own, be more alert, committed to the cause of free speech, relentless and persistence in the face of such persecution like the one which had befallen on the two of us.

What YOU do to any of US, is what YOU do to ALL.

As responsible bloggers, we demand and claim our space on the blogosphere for free and fair comment, where important national issues and prominent personalities are discussed.

Although it may seem as if the NSTP defamation suits will have a chilling effect on freedom of bloggers, as litigation can be expensive and may jeorpadise a blogger’s economic position, we will not be cowed or silenced by those who have no regard for free speech.

If you find our post offensive, you may refute us with correct facts and figures and fair comment, in the spirit of free speech.

The first two cases will have grave impact not only on the internet, but country as a whole as the country celebrates VMY2007. The healthy, mature and democratic growth for free speech and expression in our midst is at stake. The reputation of the nation as it strives to promote our multimedia supercorridor and love for IT will be a national joke for all the world to feast on.

We demand for a level playing field in all action meted out to bloggers and in particular in the defamation proceedings particularly in terms of financial resources and capabilities, and secondly, that the legal rights of bloggers et al are properly protected in keeping with the imperatives of an information society and knowledge economy which Malaysia aspires to become.

For further information, please contact blogger susan loone at and sheih at

– taken from altho i rarely rant on national issues and prominent figures (‘cept the hot ones), this may be the start of something that’ll affect all malaysian bloggers in the long run. but anyhow, everyone is entitled to judicial process, including NSTP.

weddings here and there.

while a friend and i were chatting, the topic of weddings came up. we both agreed that of late, there has been a wedding and two hundred to attend. forking out money for angpow is now so frequent that one day i’ll have to break open my piggy bank for emergency purposes.

(another friend just told me so and so has just gotten married recently.)

so we’re of marriageable age, huh, we pondered.

in reality, everyone is marriageable when they hit 16, for all you know. in some countries, younger. in this context, however, we meant that we are now responsible adults, working and making a living, have your own career and financially stable to take that one giant leap forward to secure that ball and chain … no?

another friend asked how i’d imagine my wedding to be. uhm, i cracked my head. i never thought about it, honestly, i said.

he asked if i fancied the champagne popping ceremony on stage during the wedding reception, the fake 5-tiered wedding cake and the slide show of pictures of the happily married couple.

now what’s wrong the the slide show? i like that.

irregardless of being of marriageable age, i don’t think i’ll ever be ready to think and plan for my future wedding … i’ll just be my procrastinating self and worry about it when it comes.

it so happens that i’m unable to attend an old high school classmate’s wedding at the end of the month.

does it mean i still have to give an angpow?


rumors are circulating around the office that i actually got the manager position. :O daym surprising!

if i do get it, it’ll be my most challenging job yet. i’ll be going in with zero experience, and may have to work with difficult people. but i’m sure i can use my technical background to make things work.

on the other hand, there are also rumors circulating that i’m to be made technical expert to keep me doing what i’m doing now. πŸ˜› *sweat* it’s amazing how once you start actively looking for opportunities, they just start popping out.

maybe that works with finding girlfriends too. hmm…


valeria and patrizia treated us to a wonderful italian dinner tonight. we were at patrizia’s place at the corinthian, whose penthouse had a great view of KLCC.

appetizers were bruschettas (sche actually pronounced with a hard ke instead of a shh), with tuna spread, butter, the tomato salsa thingie, and salmon slices. then we had soup with chickpeas imported from italy. πŸ˜›

main course was pasta ala homemade pesto, which you can taste the basil because it’s freshly made. and with it came the best lasagna i’ve ever had in my entire life. the texture, the restraint in the taste, was just perfect. gratzi, valeria. squisito!

then we had this eggplant thingie.. and then this calf thingie.. man, my short term memory’s shot. : i remember dessert tho… pears with gorgonzola and walnuts. and valeria’s own homemade tiramisu. it’s rare to find tiramisu made by actual italians. πŸ™‚

at the table were me, my mom, my aunt cyn, uncle jimmy,his son simon, valeria and patrizia. simon was the heart of the party, with his seemingly endless knowledge of food from around the world. you know as they say, food is a universal language. we talked about raw urchins, chou tofu, canoli, tempoyak, etc. yeah, the full spectrum.

and this to be continued next week with pandamaran seafood. XD

broken resolve

in 2005, i resolved not to work so much, not to stay back at the office too long. but there i was, still there, working on stuff, up to 8.30. for a few days now even. why? mainly due to the stupid jams at all exits leading to my home. stupid roundabout construction.

and then there’s the usual wants of the customers. always wanting things done yesterday. do they know some secrets to time travel that they’d rather not share? but so far, i meet their expectations, i make everyone happy. will there be something in it for me in the end? my previous push seems to have ended in failure, but now more doors are revealing themselves, and i need to be ready to open them when the time comes.

hence the rushing of everything. hence a counter-resolution to maybe work more than expected.

i’d probably still be in the office at 8 today if it weren’t for those darn invisible office mates.

anyways, was out of things to watch, so i started watching Children of Dune. downloaded this mini-series years back, but didn’t really bother to watch it. it’s confusing at first, cuz you have new actors and actresses covering for roles brought over from the Dune movie. but it actually gets pretty interesting.

something extra to woo me back home, and leave the work behind. πŸ˜› perhaps i should find a wife instead… that oughta be more effective.

ps to azuan: far cry multiplayer over hamachi/openvpn πŸ˜€