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me internet no working last night. modem no working me thinks.

me go dinner at section 14 with fish.

me go to digital world. buy 3com broadband router.

me go home. not know what vci and vpi to use.

me sad. watch incubus live at red rock colorado.

me sleep.

me wake up. call tmnet. got vci and vpi. internet working now. me happy.

me go wow now.

the daily grind

sorry for the late update. it’s hard to leave the wakeup-work-gohome-wow-sleep cycle. nothing much happening really.

had a heng tai dinner with ka seong on saturday night at a restaurant in paramount. had my lil bro’s b’day dinner with my dad at chilis 1u on friday night. there’s definitely something wrong with their consistency. at times, the food and service would be alright. that night the service was ok, but the steak my dad ordered was raw. meh. overall i think they’re getting worse.

met up with ervan on sunday for lunch. altho technically i didn’t have lunch cuz my mom already bought nasi lemak for breakfast (which i ate at 12.30). talked abt lots of stuff, mostly industry-related. very tempted to join the private sector now. 😛 we met at pan’s bakery at pj new town. the food and drink are standard, but the service was good and their waiters honest. i accidentally drop an rm10 note and they returned it.

two pigeons have somehow migrated to the condo. some idiot must’ve thought they’d be good for the scenery. wrong! they’re totally messing up my balcony, destroying our plants and leaving their poop all over. have to write a letter to the committee and mgmt soon, before someone falls sick. i’m tempted to poison them myself. or better yet, drop them with a pellet gun.

so, anyone got a spare pellet gun i can borrow?

public holiday on friday! so what do i do? go for courses the entire week. 🙂 on monday i was at bangi. from today till thursday i’ll be in kompleks antarabangsa learning SAP’s data archiving capabilities. not easy being a student again. man, i sound old.

cuzzies are coming up good friday weekend. mostly for shopping i suppose. 😛 hemlocke’ll be leaving for the US soon, so i should get her something before then. i also owe ichaya a b’day present, but i’ve something special in mind which will hopefully come thru, but it’ll take a long while longer.

but that means a weekend less of wow. ah, wow. lots of things happening on there. did Sunken Temple with a very good group. had a resto druid doing the healing so i was free to dps all the way. picked up [item]10836[/item] and [item]10806[/item]. party chatter was lively, cuz everyone was picking fun at each other. especially the resto druid, who was in Tree of Life form. kinda ironic how a treant is skinning dragons for leather. 😛

also got an invite for Blackrock Depths. i was a bit low for the place but the fella insisted, said he’d help with the healing. we didn’t get far. wiped a few times before the Golem Lord, and the party just disintegrated after we aggroed all the merrymakers at the bar. so yeah, will level first and do it again for quests. gotta do ST again for Hakkar too.

but i gotta say, the scenery inside Blackrock Mountain is just amazing. i felt so miniature in comparison. we even had to walk across a chain link to get to the instance entrance.

have also been grinding in Alterac Valley in between instances. managed to get quite a few external quests done, but i still need the level to do some of the more important ones. 35 more marks before i get my swift mount. 🙂 also picked up [item]20648[/item] for winning my first round. it’s been good actually.. i think we’ve won like.. 3-4 times within the two days i’ve been playing.

now at level 53. 17 more to go! but before that i should try and get my [item]6910[/item] replaced. >< a shaman on the BRD group offered [item]13008[/item] but i wasn't willing to pay 15-20g for it (auctioneer price was 10g, so i offered 8g and he laughed :P).

movies are your savior!

when the net is down and WoW is out of reach? read a book. watch tv. or watch all the stuff you downloaded.

so last night i watched Children of Men. it’s about the near future post-pandemic and infertility rate is 100%. fantastic movie. the scenery, the situation, the script, make it all seem vivid and real. death is real, and it doesn’t discriminate. not even in this movie.

that was the only movie i could watch since it was the only one available. however, i also managed to watch Pursuit of Happyness over the week. also another great movie.

so if you want a feel good movie, watch PoH. if you want a super-serious movie, watch CoM.

next in line for me would be Night in the Museum, Blood Diamond, Eragon, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Happy Feet.


last night, i couldn’t connect to the net at all. looking at all the blinking lights on the modem, it seems that the modem has died (erratic ethernet). but before i head out and get a replacement, i thought to check with tmnet to see if anything’s up. i got to the point where the operator said “please hold on”, but then the fucker hung up on me. i suspect it’s the same guy i scolded the last time i called. i called again but couldn’t get through, just a dead line after going through the automated options.


so there i was tempted to hop over to section 14 to buy something. i had my bro’s b’day dinner though, so instead i just turned the thing off and hoped that it’d work again when i get back. 3 hours later i turned it on, and it was still konked out. called henry to see if i could borrow his old modem to see if it’d work on my setup, but i couldn’t get him. decided to just leave it at that and go watch some movies instead.

now this morning, i walk out to the living room and see the modem lights alight as they should be. and here i am, finally able to blog about it. what. the. fudge.

so it probably boils down to one thing: tmnet. either tmnet was fucking up my connection, or the tmnet-issued modem was fucking up my connection. either way, it’s all thanks to streamyx. malaysia boleh!


was questing in the Searing Gorge when Kagh offered to help me do group quests in the Hinterlands. [item]19121[/item] was a quest drop from killing Vile Priestess Hexx, and [item]19118[/item] was also an upgrade.

so off we went up Jintha’lor, killing only the necessary mobs for our quests. wiped once when both of us disconnected at the same time (damned modem!). halfway up Fazhira joined us since she was bored after raiding for the night. her presence helped speed things up tremendously! i just helped do a little damage or healing. but i did perform the all important task of looting corpses. 😛 i died again once due to poor aggro mgmt, but it’s a learning process i suppose.

Faz kept commenting how cute my toon and mount were. it can’t be helped. i like cute things and that’s how Sylinfel came to being. xD

fellow guildie Winnowill also joined the party remotely for some chatter. it’s actually great starting to get to know your guildmates, and their names behind their toons. great fun! fishing ftw! xD


was listening to this morning, and in their fixit segment they were talking abt long friendships gone down the drain due to something or another. it made me realise that in a situation like that you can’t just let things be. the awkwardness in your circles of friends, and i’m the type of person who’d just torture myself incessantly (mentally) till the situation is fixed.

but i’m not brave enough to simply call someone up and ask what’s the matter. always, when i plan to do something that requires a bit of guts, i’d simulate it in my head beforehand. and obviously the results are always positive, but when the time comes to actually do it, i lose my nerve. i think i just think too much. there, i’m thinking already. :

why? why can’t i just not care?

rufus! rufus has slaves for your budget

rome (the hbo series) is so amusing. all those things that they do in the past, and things you can get away with is just…. @_@. of course, there was some level of order, and morals and ethics and the like, but it’s definitely not something we modern people would see happening now.

or is it? divorce rates are high, and sex is sold on every media. one cannot wonder if we’re actually returning to that era. some scholars say we live in a neverending circle after all.

but anyways, love the show. Titus Pullo ftw!

8 hours of downtime

that’s how long realm maintenance will be tonight. so definitely no after-work-WoW. hopefully that means i’ll also be sleeping early. but there are downloads to watch! 😀

i’m now at early level 49. still pondering whether i should stay in this range and grind the battlegrounds or continue levelling to 70. will probably just continue, cuz i’ve found a lot of good peeps around my level range. we had such one good group over the weekend, and we covered Maraudon. [item]17732[/item] dropped for me. 🙂

at the same time, my professions are quite high now. 250 tailoring and 225 enchanting. can’t do much abt enchanting, cuz the damned master enchanter is in Uldaman, and i can’t solo it yet. meh. but my tailoring level has allowed me to get my full Dreamweave set ([item]10041[/item][item]10019[/item][item]10021[/item]), replacing [item]9470[/item] and [item]18083[/item] i got from ZF earlier. at the cost of a ton of gold though, buying Mageweave via the auction house. :

oh well, back to reading Lady Friday and stuff.


happy birthday Fish! happy birthday Viv! and of course, happy birthday CKW! belated, of course.

as always with the gang, we always find occasions to eat our fill. be it the roadside stall or some fine dining, our activities always revolve around food. good food, of course.

this time we tanked up at the boathouse restaurant in taman tun. it’s on the same row as muhibbah. the place is run by merv’s acquaintance, or ex-employee, or something. the food was awesome. most of us had pasta, but az had some lamb (he’ll have to tell us what the name of the dish was), and i and viv had gratinated tenderloin with cafe du paris butter served on a bed of honey … carrot slices. even the broccoli that came with it tastes good! merv had some chicken. 😛

ambience was nice, and loved the background mariachi-like music.

movies watched since last movie update:-
Flushed Away – nice feel good movie.
Little Miss Sunshine – another nice feel good movie. i’d love to follow grandpa’s advice, but i don’t see it happening. 😛


it’s 5am. i’ve just completed round 4 of running ZF in a single sitting. not much luck in terms of drops. i only managed to get my [item]9470[/item] on the 2nd run, and it dropped again on the 3rd and 4th. Doctor Zum’rah was an ass, not dropping his cane, but [item]18083[/item] on the 2nd and 4th run. another warlock ninja’ed it earlier. the rest were just greens, some of which i took.

so yeah, i’m just going to hang around Feralas and Tanaris for a while. priests always get group invites. 😛

healed 2 levels all the way to 46. 🙂