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sweet like chocolate fountain, boi~

Celebrated Shahz’ birthday last night with a nice long dinner at the Shang’s Lemon Garden buffet line. The selection was fabulous: roast beef/lamb, yammies (mini-lobsters), dim sum, traditional lauk stuff, italian, etc. etc. etc. and last but not least, the choco fountain! 😀

Onaka ga ippai!

The usual gang was there, with Kelvin, his gf who came later from Lunabar, Wil Kin, and CP (part of the ol’ HELP gang). Even without having to be there, their reminiscing(?) of old times were hilarious. Especially when Rizal’s involved.

Oh well, back to work. Got some system overview presentation to give to some top management guys. Hopefully it’ll work out OK. And as Az said, maybe I’ll get introduced to some of their 19-20 yr old daughters. 😀

born to be wild

A senior manager has earmarked me for promotion.

My project manager has marked me as undisciplined.

I agree with both of them.

I practically lived in the office for months last year. Only reaching home at wee hours in the morning, I could only get back to work 1 to 2 hours late, sometimes more.

No one complained then.

I have not heard a single peep about the 30 or so off-in-lieu days I applied for since I submitted it 3 months ago.

I didn’t complain. Much.

Now why is it such a problem if I come in late sometimes? What’s the big deal if I was usually late 2-10 minutes? I have never ever short-changed the company, giving back every single minute after 5p.m., usually more.

I don’t remember having a KPI measure for coming to work on time. Nor is it a competency requirement for my job. You want me to change my ways? What happened to my application for a time management course? Do you even bother to help besides giving ‘advice’ every now and then, and mentioning my name at morning talks?

I’m really at a loss as to what to commit myself to now. Be a good dumb boy and come to work on time, leave my work for later, and go home when the clock chimes 5? Or continue solving system issues that the consultants you hired can’t even get a clue on?

Time for a different play. We’ll see you at the end in 4 years.

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Ups and downs. And downs.

There goes my winning streak. I’m back to square one.

It all started with Bobbin’s Coalition of the Willing. Third parties followed suit to finish me off. All in the span of two nights.

It’s all in the state of mind.

Just gotta keep a postive attitude, irregardless of how it goes.

Gotta check on my pockets too.

Link update: eraine at

calling all members!

Let’s chat!

Handphones? Too expensive. IRC? Too yesterday.

So let’s go radio. Wooohooo!

The five who went down for the weekend are back in town with new toys! All alike in shape and color, they’re simple two-way radios called Motorola T5500’s.

Though I can’t reach any of the Bangsar gang from my place, the transmission and reception is quite good at my office, being so many floors up. Looks like the office is going to get a lil more noisy. 😀

Here’s a few callsigns assigned:-

My office: The ivory tower.
Me: Holy Hands.
Merv: Mashimaro.
Fish: …. Fish. Or Snake.

I forgot exactly what Zoe’s callsign is. Probably Teddybear. Andy’s is to be confirmed when we find something that really hits the spot. 🙂

Gonna have dinner with em tonight. The Tiling Committee’s Lonely Hearts Club.

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Found my site hacked sometime yesterday, replacing my index page with a tiny banner. My guess is that they came in through an exploit via my apache server, which I failed to upgrade for some time. Fortunately I had suexec running, so (it seems) like they only managed to gain access to my personal web account instead of the entire shebang.

We’ll see how good these guys really are.

Anyways, this mahjong season has seen its ups and downs. Mostly downs. 😛

Happy Chinese New Year!

Also, sister celebrated her birthday on the 1st day. Got her a cooling thingie for her notebook (a cheapo one) and a Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks. It’s fun playing with new toys. 😀 She also got some of her uni mates to come over for a pool party in the afternoon. Girls, as always, are interesting. 🙂

For meself, I bought a tiny Oral-B Hummingbird yesterday. Not having flossed for a while, I thought it wise to test my flossing skills with a manual flossing agent first. 😛 No major injuries! Yay! Another useful toy!

Gonna just spend the day today just chilling out with the family. I’ve already been out till late for the past two days, and it’d be unusual to continue. Well, at least for straight sessions of mahjong. Hopefully, work this year won’t be as time-consuming either.

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biji epal dan lain-lain

Did I mention that I watched the Appleseed 2004 movie? It’s cool. Everything’s in 3D. Character animation too has some optical depth to it, just like many recent anime-based games.

Many reviews I’ve read say that the movie sucked because it doesn’t carry the original manga’s depth of character. I think it’s unfair to compare cuz usually the movie is created for non-manga viewers. With manga, mangakas have the flexibility to span their works across however many volumes they like, whereas movies need to capture the audience’s attention within a short and restricted timeframe.

Hence to me, manga will ALWAYS be better than the movie. Same goes for comics that undergo the same treatment. However, take the movie aside and you’d still find it enjoyable. Unless it really sucks anyhow like The Hulk.

Anyway, made my rounds at Low Yat/Sungei Wang today. No new games. Didn’t manage to find what I wanted to buy Ayin for her birthday, but I got something better. And unfortunately much more expensive. :O

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breaking & not entering

Tired tired tired tired tired~


Yesterday started with scuba scuba~

scubakabakabakabaka as someone online put it. T’was real fun, and expensive, but it took me out of the zone for the rest of the day.

Also locked myself out of my car. Missed breakfast with the gang. It was weird trying to break into an old beatup car in broad daylight wearing fluorescent colored clothes. Henry and Fish helped, but to no avail.

Then there was the b’day prezzie finding at Mid Valley, followed immediately by a haircut at Ikano and furniture-looking at Bandar Sri Damansara. Finished off the lap with grocery shopping at 1U and Rizal’s birthday party.

I so couldn’t get up this morning. o_O

Having done all that, today I’m just going to take a short trip down to Low Yat to get my sis a birthday pressie and look at some new gear to replace my hi-fi. There’s also the cake to think about too. Hmnn… guess it won’t do to just sit on my ass today.

knock knock knockin on heaven’s door~

Celcom’s PRDM Portal.

So many steps. 15 cents per SMS. Why bother? Let’s just cut to the chase.

Send A1 <Plate number> to 21999 to check your plate.

A2 <IC number> for a check on your IC.

Screw the menus.

Back to Smallville.