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Japanese-style Pandan Coconut Milk Bread

The quest for making the best pandan coconut bread started when Gardenia launched their specialty Pandan Kelapa bread, which was nice and had gula melaka chunks within. For a while it was practically impossible to find the bread in stores, apparently people wait for the bread guy to load the shelves then dive in like piranhas to grab one. After a few tries experimenting with different ingredients and fillings, I finally made a successful version.

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Breadmaker Garlic Cheese Bread

I try to bake a fresh loaf of bread at least once a week, and usually I would alternate between a sweet loaf and a savory one. Last week I reattempted the Condensed Milk Bread with some improvements, so this week I wanted something savory. This Garlic Cheese bread came up in my Youtube feed and looked really good, another promising recipe by Savor Easy.

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selamat hari raya!

Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat~
Perutku maju, makan selamat~

Selamat lemangku, selamat rendangku~
Semoga berpanjangan nikmat dari-Mu~

So yeah, Selamat Hari Raya to everyone! Mohon maaf zahir & batin for all that I’ve done or said that may or may not have offended you.

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away from keyboard


Yep, raids are off for me till Raya. There’s just so many things to do before hand. All the cleaning, the eating, the dating, and yet I haven’t really had the chance to maximise the latter activities.

Just within these 2 days, I’ve had to turn down 4 outings: Thursday dinner w/ Fai-chan, Thursday dinner w/ colleagues, Friday dinner w/ a vendor, and Friday salsa with the YKLS’ians. But tis all for a good reason, staying home and keeping my mom company (i.e. obey her cleaning schedule).

Come to think of it, I’ve been out so much this year, compared to last. Most of the time with Fai-chan, of course <nyaa =^-^=>. Still, there’s another week of yummy buffets to ‘raid’, and I’ve yet to hear any high school/primary school buka puasa reunion plans (hope they didn’t forget to call me >_<). No confirmation yet on buka puasa with Tiff and Fish either.

Oh well, think I’ll just worry about the weekend for now. Have to make plenty of trips to the pasar tani for ketupat and rendang orders, the grocer, PKNS for misc food and clothes, and Masjid India for cloth. And of course, lots of cleaning in between. There’s gonna be a lot of trash coming out of the house the next few days. ^_^;

And I still haven’t picked up a new hard drive for the server. Gotta slot that in somehow. On the other hand, Fish and I will be ordering our soundcards from Newegg earlier than expected, to take advantage of a rebate offer. <3 cuzzies for helping us out. ^_^

macam-macam ada…

Server was constantly hanging this morning, right after I restarted my torrents after clearing some space on the drives. Further checks revealed that it hangs during an fsck check on one of the 250GB drives, so I might actually have some bad sectors on it. Sigh, guess I’ll have to get another drive and move stuff over before it dies completely.

Gold Coast post is finally up. See previous post. ^_^ The pictures are supposed to be thumbnails, but somehow WPG2 decided to show the mid size versions instead. They’ve been scrunched in to fit the theme, but oh well, just click on em to see how it’s supposed to look like. Can’t add captions either, cuz G2’s edit photo options aren’t working somehow.

The visual editor for WordPress seems to be working fine again. Co-authors, feel free to enable it again in your profile to give it a go.

I now have a second monitor plugged in, so that I can chat on MSN and WoW at the same time. WoW now runs in maximised windowed mode, so that my mouse can actually leave the WoW area onto the 2nd display. I lose some FPS, but hey, it’s worth it. ^_^

Saturday night, Fai-chan and I, Shogun!
Yippie yay whoopie! Food for you and me!
Sashimi, tenpura, konyaku~ Kimochi datta yoo~
Sono ato de, karaoke! Minna ooki koe de!
Tanoshikatta yo~ Mou ichido, let’s go!

cooling down

One thing good abt the puasa month is that you just can’t stay pissed for long. Besides, I think I’ve bashed myself up enough already. And yeah, cursing Murphy and his law doesn’t really help me either.

Life without Phoenix has been interesting. A lil boring, but interesting nonetheless. Finding myself in the living room much more often, on my sister’s old notebook sitting on the dining table. Strategically placed such that I can see whatever’s going on in the room and easily make comment on any funny thing that can happen. Although lately, the receiving end seems to be me, what with my slapstick antics before imsak. @_@

Doesn’t help that we’ve unsubscribed to Astro’s Variety package. Channel selection would usually be on AXN. And even that is usually short lived, as my mom has veto power over the TV set. I admit, Korean dramas can be very nice. But no, not going to sit down there and watch all of them.

Thankfully, I’ve received a care package from Fai-chan. X, Perfect Blue, Cinta, and the Ringu novel. Am now about 1/3 through the book, and it’s been very engrossing. Even having watched all the movies, reading this really gives some added perspective and insights into the characters’ feelings… especially their fears. Except Ryuji of course.. he’s just mad. Was actually planning to watch Cinta with my mom, but I surprised that she declined with the reason being it was too soppy. In fact, her reaction was very amusing. Imagine a contorted face with the exclamation “bleah!” Guess I’ll layan it myself.

Speaking of Fai-chan, we had dinner at Prime right before puasa started. The food was absolutely divine, and the ambiance totally immersive. I had the Black Angus filet mignon, medium rare; she had the Argentinian filet mignon, medium well. Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuicy! But I’ve to admit, there’s only so much rare meat you can take in a sitting… medium would’ve probably hit the spot a bit more. We had clam chowder as an appetizer and that too was fantastic! Totally beats down the stuff you can find in San Francisco. We were also quite captivated with the presentation of things. The salt shaker, especially, were given honorable mentions. 😛

So we spent most of the evening talking about stuff. Work, our families, our expectations in life. Sharing anime jokes. Poking fun at each other. I really love her company. You’ll never see me talk so much, or listen intently to any other conversation. Tis great to actually find someone in your life with so many similar interests. On the other hand, I’m not much of a conversationalist, so I guess I’ll have to work on that somewhat.

That’s it for now. I’m going to go take advantage of the pre-dawn darkness, and get cuddly with Sadako.

jom makan!

after having our tummies happily filled at Jogoya monday night, it’s time to look for more food!

guys, let’s go here: Cava

colleague review:
main course
do try the prime ribs, bake cod serve with pasta, pealla is rice dish from Spain (serve 2)
tapas:- they do serve escargot,Spanish lamb boulette is very good
desert:- Chocolate Dream, i think this is the name, just describe it’s the hot crusted outer layer chocolate cake with melting chocolate inside.. the chef may need 20 mins to prepare. Most gals just dying to eat this even they had their dinner elsewhere. Trust me, if you are not going to eat dinner there, just order this as dessert, sit there and u love it man!

or here: Opus Bistro

colleague review:
(next door, same management but different kitchen)
i know u like seafood but dont order seafood antipasti platter.. i dunno.. i dont like it.
try the cod fish – with lemon caper sauce – fantastic!!!
wayu beef is superb – imported beef which was specially massaged, texture is so good, very tender & juicy ..yumm..
Set lunch is only 18++ – drinks, main course & dessert 🙂
dont worry! it’s halal, the chefs in both restaurant are malays. 🙂
U will see lots of datuk there.. and sometimes celebrity like models & actress or miss malaysia. I have seen bernard chandran’s sister there… err.. what’s her name?! Best time to go is on Friday and Sat.

food! food! food!

the daily grind

sorry for the late update. it’s hard to leave the wakeup-work-gohome-wow-sleep cycle. nothing much happening really.

had a heng tai dinner with ka seong on saturday night at a restaurant in paramount. had my lil bro’s b’day dinner with my dad at chilis 1u on friday night. there’s definitely something wrong with their consistency. at times, the food and service would be alright. that night the service was ok, but the steak my dad ordered was raw. meh. overall i think they’re getting worse.

met up with ervan on sunday for lunch. altho technically i didn’t have lunch cuz my mom already bought nasi lemak for breakfast (which i ate at 12.30). talked abt lots of stuff, mostly industry-related. very tempted to join the private sector now. 😛 we met at pan’s bakery at pj new town. the food and drink are standard, but the service was good and their waiters honest. i accidentally drop an rm10 note and they returned it.

two pigeons have somehow migrated to the condo. some idiot must’ve thought they’d be good for the scenery. wrong! they’re totally messing up my balcony, destroying our plants and leaving their poop all over. have to write a letter to the committee and mgmt soon, before someone falls sick. i’m tempted to poison them myself. or better yet, drop them with a pellet gun.

so, anyone got a spare pellet gun i can borrow?

public holiday on friday! so what do i do? go for courses the entire week. 🙂 on monday i was at bangi. from today till thursday i’ll be in kompleks antarabangsa learning SAP’s data archiving capabilities. not easy being a student again. man, i sound old.

cuzzies are coming up good friday weekend. mostly for shopping i suppose. 😛 hemlocke’ll be leaving for the US soon, so i should get her something before then. i also owe ichaya a b’day present, but i’ve something special in mind which will hopefully come thru, but it’ll take a long while longer.

but that means a weekend less of wow. ah, wow. lots of things happening on there. did Sunken Temple with a very good group. had a resto druid doing the healing so i was free to dps all the way. picked up [item]10836[/item] and [item]10806[/item]. party chatter was lively, cuz everyone was picking fun at each other. especially the resto druid, who was in Tree of Life form. kinda ironic how a treant is skinning dragons for leather. 😛

also got an invite for Blackrock Depths. i was a bit low for the place but the fella insisted, said he’d help with the healing. we didn’t get far. wiped a few times before the Golem Lord, and the party just disintegrated after we aggroed all the merrymakers at the bar. so yeah, will level first and do it again for quests. gotta do ST again for Hakkar too.

but i gotta say, the scenery inside Blackrock Mountain is just amazing. i felt so miniature in comparison. we even had to walk across a chain link to get to the instance entrance.

have also been grinding in Alterac Valley in between instances. managed to get quite a few external quests done, but i still need the level to do some of the more important ones. 35 more marks before i get my swift mount. 🙂 also picked up [item]20648[/item] for winning my first round. it’s been good actually.. i think we’ve won like.. 3-4 times within the two days i’ve been playing.

now at level 53. 17 more to go! but before that i should try and get my [item]6910[/item] replaced. >< a shaman on the BRD group offered [item]13008[/item] but i wasn't willing to pay 15-20g for it (auctioneer price was 10g, so i offered 8g and he laughed :P).


happy birthday Fish! happy birthday Viv! and of course, happy birthday CKW! belated, of course.

as always with the gang, we always find occasions to eat our fill. be it the roadside stall or some fine dining, our activities always revolve around food. good food, of course.

this time we tanked up at the boathouse restaurant in taman tun. it’s on the same row as muhibbah. the place is run by merv’s acquaintance, or ex-employee, or something. the food was awesome. most of us had pasta, but az had some lamb (he’ll have to tell us what the name of the dish was), and i and viv had gratinated tenderloin with cafe du paris butter served on a bed of honey … carrot slices. even the broccoli that came with it tastes good! merv had some chicken. 😛

ambience was nice, and loved the background mariachi-like music.

movies watched since last movie update:-
Flushed Away – nice feel good movie.
Little Miss Sunshine – another nice feel good movie. i’d love to follow grandpa’s advice, but i don’t see it happening. 😛