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end to the weekend

Sitting right next to my trusty PC, having been opened up and cleaned inside out to get rid of the dust mite haven. Old ragged cloth and water really works well. Just make sure everything’s dry before you put everything back together.

And uh… make sure your climate is humid.

One problem though, caused by something unrelated… While I was busy plugging in an external hard drive to copy Smallville seasons 1 and 2 for colleague, I managed to short my old JVC hi-fi. That’s what you get for trying to unplug stuff while the gangplank is turned on. The hi-fi’s power cable wasn’t hooked in well enough, and every bit of movement made it trip.

It took 3 successions of trips to kill it.

So here I am without sound. With 2 seasons of Smallville and 4 episodes of Beck to watch.

Sigh. Oh well, it’s time for a new amp. The JVC was bit too bulky anyway. Gotta find something nice but affordable for the sole purpose of relaying bits of audio. Maybe I’ll get another for my TV even. And maybe a set of rear speakers too!

Ahh.. wish I had more money to play with.

Errata originally reported that the badger song was mentioned by Merv, but it was really Az^1 who introduced the song to the gang. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused. 😛


Merv asked me to visit a while ago, but I kinda forgot about it.

Having seen it a while ago, it’ll haunt me for the rest of the year.

Now in screensaver version. The critters shall spread. To the office.

The office has been rather quiet lately. Everyone’s either down at the Phase 2 workshops or within the payroll chaos in HQ. I’ve been running around in between, getting work done or consulting the payroll consultant or catching a few quick power naps.

I need a bigger pillow.

beginners’ luck

Woke up. Read papers. Lunchtime. Went to Jalan Gasing. Ate banana leaf. Yummy. Went to Paramount. Bought mahjong set and paper. Went to Henry’s place. Unwrap. Played. Went back home. Cleaned bathroom while soaking tiles. Described basics to siblings. Dinner. Played. Kena tapau. American Idol. Continued playing. Tapau back. Kena marah for playing too long. Copied photos from phone to PC. Setup gallery. Copied photos from PC to website. Enjoy.

Good night.

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to madness.

This country is home to a whole lot of people with poor lane control. Inconsiderate, single-minded, and blind, they’re the main cause of stress, high blood pressure, and manic depression.

However, they give rise to another class of drivers: skilled and alert, keeping them alive during the 2 or so hours they have to endure daily.

I think I’m part of the latter. 😀

Back at work, having misunderstood SAP Payroll’s default behavior when it comes to dealing with financial postings for retiring staff, we were stuck with about 50 odd people who weren’t paid this month.

It pretty much messed up my mahjong last night.

Luckily today things went better than expected, having solved the ordeal somewhat. And lo and behold, a long weekend.

It’s been a long time coming.

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Finally finished Angels & Demons by Dan Brown just over the span of a day inclusive of sleep, mahjong, and playing around with Henry’s new Logitech Wingman Pro GP wheel.

More amazing, is that my lil bro finished it earlier than I did, while I rigorously tried to win back my chips into the wee hours of the morning.

On another note, seems like there’s a sharp rise in dengue cases lately. Perhaps mosquitoes have evolved another level? Based on my itchy feet, I can tell that their numbers are definitely asphyxiating.

I wonder if I spelt that correctly.

true sleeper

Yay! No more squeaky squeaks. My car shall no longer attract attention in ways that are funny and hilarious.

Chatting with the foreman after having him tighten a tyre arm bolt, it’d probably cost me another 1K+ to get my carb fixed (it idles at 2K rpm). Suddenly a transplant doesn’t sound so bad after all.

spare (n)

1 a : a spare tire
b : a duplicate (as a key or a machine part) kept in reserve

A spare car key kept in a another car which is usually away from home: bad idea, demonstrated by how I was driving my nuts off hoping to pick up my old Accord from the workshop tonight instead of tomorrow morning.

In the end, the car is still parked near Dharoos.

What’s it doing there? Just listened to a gut feeling that something bad might happen soon if I don’t replace the squeaky parts with new steel and rubber. Actually, it was everyone’s gut feeling.

So by tomorrow, I’ll be 1K poorer.

Indeed, I was supposed to have taken the entire day off today, looks like it’ll only be half, since I came in to work 2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours at night. Despite only being 4 hours in total, it wasn’t very comfortable.

Anyway… gotta cave in early to send the kid bro to school. Sigh~

Aaaaanyway… caught a few clips from the FFX soundtrack playing on the TV. On RTM. On a Malay drama series.

It’s weird. It’s creepy. But if I worked for RTM, I prolly might’ve done the same. 😛

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the path less taken

At my age, you start wondering how to go about the rest of your life:

– religious, or delinquent.
– GLC, or private, or freelance.
– bachelor for life, or marriage.
– humble, moderate, or lavish lifestyle.

Tough decisions. The gang ain’t helping. 😛

Also wondering bout the rules of inter-religious marriage in Islam. The general rule is that both need to be Muslim, but there are some who say that it’s ok between ‘children of the book(s)’. Enlighten me.

Wonder if there are any such rules within the other mainstream faiths.